Can not exchange WXT for fiat

When I try to exchange my WXT for fiat, the exchange button remains greyed out. Is this yet another facility that has been disabled for UK accounts ? I note that no mention of it was made in the mailout today about temp restrictions on UK accounts.

According to todays email this function is not disabled - “You will still be able to exchange your existing cryptocurrency into fiat currency and cryptocurrency in-app, which you can then spend with your Wirex card or withdraw from an ATM.”

Check your verification status in the app settings. If it does not show “Completed” you probably need to complete additional verification steps to remove the limitation.

hey martin,
My account says “passed successfully”. i can and have today exchanged ETH to GBP. But WXT is clearly handled differently. it is not listed as a crypto, and you have to go to a separate place on the app to do the exchange. No matter what I do the “exchange” button does not become enabled.

Hi @tangey :wave:

Did you try from the “X-tras” tab? On mobile, some customers still have the old WXT tab where the token activation does not work (bug). If you’ve tried that on mobile, I recommend that you try on the desktop version.

If it still does not work, we must wait for a response from the Wirex team. @moderators

Best regards!

“I recommend that you try on the desktop version.”

Thanks for that. I tried the desktop version, and I still can’t exchange, but at least on the desktop it is telling me why “You can’t exchange less than 2,516.086178 WXT”, which seems the most weird of numbers but i guess it onverts into a round number of some fiat.

Now that I try the ios app again, I see in small red writing the min is specified. I’m pretty tuned into this stuff, so it’s not really working as a warning, compared to the website.

Thanks again.

Hello @tangey,

Please be informed that there certain limits for crypto exchange services - Wirex cryptocurrency account limits

In case any additional assistance is required, please submit a request following this link: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone Our Support Team will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation!

I also cannot exchange WTX to BTC or other currencies.
What happen about wirex?

Hello @lamlk, I am sorry for this unpleasant situation.

This case has been escalated to the relevant team for a detailed investigation. They will contact you via the support ticket directly.

Warm regards.

Hello, I also cannot exchange WXT to any fiat as it says ‘You can’t exchange less than 1,715.736983 WXT’ while I don’t own that much, so does that mean I have to buy 1715 WXT more by fiat before I can exchange my remaining WXT into fiat (e.g. USD or HKD)? And where does that number 1715 comes from? How come I cannot just exchange 10 or maybe 20 WXT into other fiat?

Hello Martin, thank you for taking the time writing to us.

Please be informed that the minimum transaction amount is 1 USD.
Kindly check more details on the following link: Wirex cryptocurrency account limits


Thank you for your reply, but I still don’t get it, the minimum transaction amount of WXT is $1 USD, which is around 60 WXT (I know it will fluctuate), but the app says the minimum amount of WXT to exchange is over a thousand (say 1715 WXT) which is equivalent to around $30 USD. Can’t I just exchange 100 or 200 WXT at a time? Why the minimum amount of exchanging WXT is that high?

Hi @martin123, we are sorry for misinforming you, the minimum transaction amount of WXT is 3,000 WXT.
Please, check it here:


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Hi Wirex,
Is the Discount on fees still available? as I still found the description on wirex page, the the discount is not reflected to digital exchange on my account which holding more 50,000 WXT.

500,000 WXT – 100% discount

100,000 WXT – 50% discount

50,000 WXT – 25% discount

Page link:


Hello @simoms, these discounts are not available anymore.

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Hi. I cannot exchange WXT to Euro . I r says :You can’t exchange less than 23,935.843323 WXT any help? I curently have 8,874.000000 WXT

@Milos_Stojanovic Kindly note that the exchange limit has been changed. I is now the equivalent of $150. Kind regards!

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One more question : Is there a fee if i buy WXT and exchange it back to euro? Thank You so much .

Hi @Milos_Stojanovic, there is no fee for WXT exchange and deposits.