Cannot withdraw my GBP and some members from the support team are incompetent!

ticket number 1571466

Hi,I cannot withdraw my money out of the wirex account because I was told that the card (which I had not been having any sort of problem UNTIL I decided to withdraw my money) all of a sudden had to be closed.
Also was told (on the live chat on wirex website )that I will have to wait for a new card in order to be able to withdraw my money.It’s been more than 2 weeks and haven’t received any card.
Then I replied yesterday to the email saying that I really need my money out and the customer service member said that I can actually transfer my money out from the account even though I have not received the card.logged again in my wirex account on the PC and spoke to another advisor on the live chat and she said that is not possible to make the transfer.then I copied and pasted what the other advisor said in the email.then the chat for some reasons was interrupted.then I logged in again and accessed the live chat again and managed to get in contact exactly with the person who sent me the email.
and I told her that her colleague said that it was not possible to send the money as i did not have a new card received.then she said ‘sorry for the confusion,she’s a newbie…’.
guuuys,how can a ‘newbie’ advise people about the money they have invested here?Shouldn’t that girl be advised by a senor?Are you joking to me?People spent the money buying crypto on your website and you charge a fee and make nice profit for that and you cannot afford having at least a competent advisor?Wirex is full of problems,every time you have problems with your account takes ages to be solved,now you started getting ‘newbies’ advising people about their money and cards and their accounts in a WRONG WAY?
Guys,this is unacceptable!
see the pictures below I took from the conversation and review the whole chat history and conclude yourself.
I need to take my money out of the account urgently as I am having workers working on my bath,kitchen and roof.
It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been trying to withdraw my money out of the account and nothing has been sorted out for me.
Please somebody competent help me with this case as it has become really pathetic!
Thank you very much in advance,I refuse to believe that everybody is incompetent here!
Lucian R.


Hi Lucian, I am sincerely sorry for your experience.

I have checked your case and I would like to confirm that our banking partner is already working on your request and it will be sorted out shortly.

This was also escalated this to the first priority so that it is processed asap.

Best regards!

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The Wirex support team are a diverse group of individuals who always try there utmost to help everyone. I’m sure if you’re calm and patient the issue will be resolved. They have helped me at least 10 times with separate issues, most of which has been swiftly resolved. I don’t know what is like in Covid 19 times however, I’m sure they’re helping out as much as they can.


I see that wirex has problem with cash transfer or withdraw outside from the wirex account. I understand that this happened due to brexit rules that made changes 2 weeks ago (changes for such financial companies like wirex, revolut, n26 and so on). That is why some of the support team are not fully informed. I understand that you face difficulties. But what should we users do? I have similar situation like you, Lucian99, any advise from support team, just wait for…

See if you can stay ‘calm and patient’ when the ‘advisors’ contradict themselves after you’ve been waiting for weeks every time you had a problem.


Hi Giannis, I am sorry to hear that your issue is still not resolved.

I have just escalated your case to the first priority and our relevant department will process it as soon as possible.

Warm regards!

Dear Luc, on behalf of Wirex Company, I extend our sincerest apologies for the mix up with your situation.

We are sorry you did not receive the correct response to your case.

We also experienced an unusually large number of different requests, which disrupted our usual response time.

I have forwarded your feedback to our management in order to make sure such a situation will never happen in the future.

In regards to your card - I am happy to inform you that it is already on its way to you.

Warm regards.

Thank you!

You are truly weclome, Luc.

Please feel free contacting us back anytime, we are always happy to help.

Have a great week!

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no my friend support team is very small, is very smart team.

juste take you time and make good question,

Best regards, Wirex users.

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It’s good to know that they are doing their best. But same time if I can not withdraw a part of my cryptocurrency investments when I NEED it, here would be no trust in this service provider and people will move to other service providers. The Platform must be improved to make sure that service is running as smooth as possible :hushed:

Hi Remis,

Thank you for your feedback and explanations of how we can improve and make your experience smoother.

This was forwarded to the relevant department and will be considered shortly.

Warm regards!

There is no support at all, wirex probably takes just anyone to work and leaves anyway

I have had same problem and techno guys didn’t help me so I waited 1 month and lost my contract and workers.

Hi Sergey, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Could you please provide the reference # of the support ticket so that we could look into it for you?

Warm regards.


Hi Sergey, thank you for providing the ticket number.

I have checked your case and the previous correspondence and have also updated you via the ticket, please take a look.

Best regards!

Friends, I just returned from the LHV bank. My case of delaying money for more than a month is not the first, there are many such clients. Virex does not respond to inquiries from the bank and I was advised to go to the police, as this is signs of financial fraud. Today I am going to the police in Estonia and my friends are filing a case in New York. The technical support is completely incompetent and cannot resolve any issue. Delays in responses are up to one week. I also submitted a request to the British Banking Ombudsman Regulator.

I have been using Wirex for over a year now, processing over $100,000 through them without any major problems.

I get quite fast responses from tech support whenever I have a problem.