Can't add funds to wirex card

Hello. I have a problem. I can’t add funds from Wirex to my Wirex card, because I haven’t got ,add funds’’ button on my Wirex Card profile. What should I do? Or Can you help me please? I think its application error, but I don’t know, what to do. Here is a photo of my Wirex card wallet.

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Hi @Eliska & @LUKE59569196,

there is no need for ‘add funds‘ to preload the new MC as this is not necessary anymore (Visa was different).

As soon as you set up your MC, you need to prioritise the Currencies - fiat and/or crypto - to fit your needs.

When you‘ve finished, all you need to do is to transfer your money from your external credit card/buy crypto directly over your top up credit card/send cryptos to your specific wallet > the assets you have will be then used within usage of your MC depending on how you prioritised them and funds are available.

Hope that helps.


Hi, I have the Visa card, how do I add funds?

Hi @Lord_Mongeham,

You can check all the ways of adding funds here:

Let me know in case you have a question regarding a specific way.

Best wishes!