Can't make bank transfer

Why I cant send money from my euro account? It does not allow click on send icon. Screenshot attached.

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Hello Yvonne,

Unfortunately, the outcoming bank transfers are temporarily unavailable for some or the users because of our EU maintenance. More details can be found here:

We are extremely sorry for any inconveniences caused by this issue and our relevant team is currently working hard in order to finish the maintenance as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.


Thank for getting back to me, no problem to wait.

hello, any update on that?

Hi @palinuro,

EU maintenance is still taking place and our relevant department is currently working on the possible solutions that would help to finish this at the earliest convenience.

Please accept my apologies for such delays, I hope for your understanding.

Why that option is available in Europe and not in the APAC region?
Any ETA to have that available?

Hi Tito,

We have no ETA at the moment, unfortunately. However, you can be 100% sure that we are working hard in order to finish the maintenance asap.

Best regards.

This is obviously for a bank, completely unacceptable, i think anyone would agree.

In which case at least …

Please provide your users with another sensible way of retrieving money from their accounts.

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Hi Chris,

I understand how unpleasant this matter is for you.

Let me kindly inform you that you can read more about the ways you can withdraw your funds following this link:

Please be assured that our relevant teams are currently working and doing their best to finish the maintenance as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

One month later, situation is still the same.
This is totally unacceptable ! I’m seriously considering to stop using your service.
I greatly advise you to give more details about the exact reason of this trouble if you don’t want to loose many customers…

Dear Julien,

I am sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our services.

Let me kindly inform you that our Technical Team is doing their best to resolve the issue as soon as it’s technically possible.

Once the issue is resolved, it will be announced it via our social media and website.

We appreciate your patience.

Best regards.

Dear Kateryna,

Thank you for your quick answer. I’m sure that all Wirex team is working hard on this matter.
I’m just wondering, what kind of maintenance would need several months to be done ?
Is that really a maintenance process ? Or maybe negociations with financial european regulation inistitute ? Is this case, with current context, it could take several months more (even
years ?)…
Can you give us some global schedule in order to make us believe that it will be fixed please ?

Thank you.

For all : Stay at home, stay safe !

Dear Julien,

This is the maintenance that is being handled by our Technical Team.

Unfortunately, it takes longer than expected and I am not able to provide you with ETA for resolution at the moment.

Please be assured that once the issue is resolved, you will be informed without any delay.

Best regards.

Any news about this issue?
Best regards

Hi @TheHammer,

The maintenance is still ongoing and unfortunately, our technical department has not provided us with any ETA yet.

Nonetheless, I can state for sure that it will be finished as soon as possible and there is ongoing work on this.

Warm regards!

Seven months later, and the “maintenance” is still going on. If not earlier, at this point it should be obvious to anyone in the EU, that this is not a service for us. I only regret not finding this thread soon enough. Save yourselves, there are lots of good alternatives out there.

Wirex: communicating this upfront should have saved you a lot of trouble; this is not a maintenance, no matter what you call it.

Hi Peter,

Indeed, the maintenance is still taking place and new accounts are currently affected - outcoming transfers are not available.

Please rest assured that you will receive a proper notification once bank transfers are available again for new accounts as well.

Best regards!