Can't transfer token out

Hi, I exchange FTT from my USD account.But I can not send my FTT token out. What happen?


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is it pending or declined sir?

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It is not pending, it just declined my transfer.

It always showed “fee failed”. Even I only send 0.5FTT.

pls dont include the fees when your sending.

Make 0.49 FTT

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No, I have 1 FTT to send out. I try to use 0.5 FTT to send. But it is still failed. Is the transfer fee of FTT is high?

Another question. Which chain when I sent my FTT token can choice? Does Wirex App support the SOL chain?

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Dear @Dustin, unfortunately, FTT is not available for transferring now. We will inform our users once this option will be launched. Regards!


Thanks for clarifying @Yuliia_Wirex

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Further more, The BNT token also can not sent out from my account.

@Dustin, kindly note that the BNT token also is not available for transfer. We are working on this option. Regards!

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Hi Wirex, I have more than 1 sol. However, crypto withdraw cannot be done. The send button on sol page is grey (dimmed), other workable buttons are in green.

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Hello you can convert sol to another the withdraw it sir :slight_smile:

Hi @alp! Please, note that this currency is only available for exchange for now.

Kind regards!

Hi Maryna,

Sol, understand. Thanks.
How about ada? I cannot withdraw it from Wirex.

@alp The same concerns this currency as well.

I already open a ticket for this problem but I get no answers.
I’m trying to send coins to another wallet (Binance in this case) and the transfer fails anytime.

I just tried to send BTC again and it failed again.

Also I notice you’re not giving me back the amount of failed transfers!

Plus, I tried to transfer 1€ in Ethereum (to try another coin) and the fees are like 100+€. Really, are you kidding?

Let me know soon, thanks

Hi @doncab The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Hi Maryna,

Thanks for your reply on withdrawal of sol and ada.

Can I withdraw ltc from wirex?

Hi Maryna,

I also want to know if Wirex accepts dot withdrawal. Thanks.

Hello @alp, you can transfer LTC, but DOT is not available for transfers yet. Regards!