Card blocked cant use it

Hi i have my card canceled and i need to widraw some monny actualy is the only mony that i have at the moment e i send a few emails but one week later nothing is done some one can help o that please

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I am having exact same issue. but i did not cancel my card. Whenever i try to withdraw from ATM i get message that my card is being blocked. I wrote a ticket before like 4-5 days and still don’t have an answer about the situation


Hi Ivan, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

I have already updated you via the support ticket, could you please take a look and provide me with a reply?

Warm regards!

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Hi there… pls some one from Support wirex contact me.

Salut mon carte e bloqué je besoin aide je ne sais même pas comment je peux faire pour débloquer sa aide moi pour que puis fair retrait mon argent merci d’avance

Hi Jack,

Sure, I have already contacted you via the email address associated with your Wirex account, please provide me with a reply.

Best regards!

Hi Mamadou,

I have checked your account and I have also contacted you via the support ticket #1494645, please take a look and provide me with a reply so that I could assist further.

Warm regards!

Salut jais mon ticket mais coment je peus fair cette numéro de ticket aide moi je suis nouveau dans wirex

Mon carte est 5507 aide débloqué sa pour prend mon argent

Mamadou, could you please take a look at the support ticket #1494645 and provide me with a response? I have sent you an email, however, did not receive any reply from you.

Thank you in advance!

Coucou j’ai le compte wirex verrouillé avec mon argent à l’intérieur j’aimerais reprendre mon argent

J’ai ajouter de l’argent sur mon compte et envoyer sur ma carte puis j’ai converti en bitcoin je voulais transféré mais sa mission échec après je constate que le compte est verrouillé en voulant reconvertir en euro le numéro du ticket (1506434)

Hi Fred, I deeply apologize for the delayed response.

I have already updated you via the ticket, please take a look and provide us with a reply so that we could assist further.

Best regards!

I also tried getting money out of my card and it was blocked. My wirex email associated with my card is . My issue is urgent as I don’t have a job anymore due to covid and nobody answers my ticket from saturday. I need to access my money on the card, maybe for some about 800 euros is not a lot but for a single mom with no job it’s huge.

Hi Ecaterina, I feel how unpleasant this situation is for you.

I have just escalated your case and you will be updated via the ticket shortly.

Best regards.

Hello, my card has been cancelled and my account was closed. Can i know why? What should i do to reactivate?

I dont get answer from you…

Thé mail linked to my wirex card is :

I got your email, I answered with a reply and no answer anymore, so yes, maybe I made a mistake and blocked my card with a wrong pin, but why is taking so long to unblock. I mean this is becoming ridiculous, I feel like this card is one time use only, you make a mistake and it takes forever to unblock it. This is a feature that should be in the app, because people make mistakes. I should be able to unblock my card from the app, not writing tickets after tickets and emails and live chats and so on, so please one more time, whatever mistake please unblock my card, I need to be able to buy food and pay rent and bills.

So I might have put the wrong pin, I cant say I didnt but please unblock the card. This is becoming awkward. This feels like the stone age of bank cards.

Hi Illi, I feel how unpleasant this situation is for you.

I have just escalated your case to our relevant team and have also sent you an update via the support ticket.

Best regards!