Card blocked for eight months

My ticket

Good evening.
I would like to know what the solution to my problem will be, this is an unacceptable situation, are you playing with your customers or working? This floor will lose customers.
My problem prevails for eight months, nobody does anything and nobody wants to know.
I demand that you resolve this issue quickly. Account verification eight months ago? It should be fun.
If you don’t do anything in 24 hours, I will share on my Instagram and Facebook the terrible work you do, I have over 100,000 followers, mainly in Portugal and London, I will share my complaint and ask to share it, many of my followers have more followers than me.
I am outraged and feel wronged.
My rent is due and if I don’t pay I will be evicted, it will be your fault for not being able to use my card for never verifying it


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