Card Fee for UK users

Why is it free to have a card in ASIA but £1 a month for those of us in the UK?

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Like you as a UK resident also have to pay the £1 a month fee. When you consider there is another well known crypto card that don’t make those charges does not make this service appear as good. I have one of those cards as well but following the recent crowdcube funding decided to support Wirex as it is a UK Company with great vision and hope to see wirex grow to become another leader in promoting use of crypto currency to the general populace.

Given the over funding achieved from crowdcube I think at the very least that they could perhaps consider waiving the £1 a month fee, or at least for those that qualify as VIP.

Isn’t the upcoming Mastercard free?

The upcoming mastercard is free but you are still charged for the visa. Make them all free or at least set a tier as an incentive.

I’ve yet to transfer funds to my card and I’ve been charged a monthly fee…for what???