Card Top up didnt work

Been topping up my card with no issues. Did a large amount and didn’t work. Stuck in pending when it shoukd be instant. My bank has told me its left my account for good. Topped up a small amount with a different card and it worked. Visa top ups should be instant. Should never be in pending mode.


The top up gets declined and fund gets reversed to bank card, anyone facing same issues?


please create a ticket guys

They contact you once it’s done :white_check_mark:

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500 at a time always works! However, I use to find if it gets stuck, always go back into Wirexapp app and there is a little option at the bottom after accepting in bank that says, press to continue or something like that at the very bottom.

Difficult to see but if you pay attention then whenever I had issues just push that and then always goes through ok.

Had the sales issues and was contacted support loads of times and nobody knew. Something to bear in mind as had to find out myself to get it to work. Hope it helps


Top up or Add Funds was fine for last 2 years, I upgraded phone and suddenly none of my linked bank accounts top up. Get the “Operation Failed. Contact Support or try again later”. VERY frustrating. Is anyone else experienced this? Also raised a ticket but no response.