Cash out your Altcoins without withdrawing to your local bank


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Once you see the explosive potential of cryptocurrency altcoins and ICO tokens, the only reason to cash out for fiat is to pay for a lavish crypto lifestyle. Saving money in fiat simply doesn’t make sense any more. But being able to spend fiat makes a LOT of sense. At least for me. By diversifying my hard earned money into altcoins, I receive an easy appreciation of value. And when it comes time to buy something ‘in the…


Unfortunately, you’re still get hit by the huge Bitcoin transaction fee.

I used LTC to fund my Wirex account recently. I took note of the LTC/BTC exchange rate and then sent LTC to the provided address. The equivalent value I received in Bitcoin was about $40 less than the amount sent. At that time, transaction fee cost was around $40 per transaction.

Oh the irony! I only used LTC to avoid Bitcoin transaction fees! >.<

As the Bitcoin network is currently overloaded and in fact “stuck”, I’m waiting anxiously for Wirex to implement native Alt-Wallets (gotta love DASH), which will be funded directly with altcoins. Until then, I’m forced to have the Wirex cards on my desk instead of in my pocket :frowning:


Hope you’ve enjoyed the new Litecoin Wallet!!