Cashback actually usable?

Is anyone actually able to benefit from the cashback?
The minimum withdrawal for WXT is equivalent to $300 which means like $30k spend on the standard account?

Also you’re not able to link WXT to be spent with the card :man_shrugging:

Sorry. $60k spend

If you do not have the minimum wxt balance required, then just add what you need and then you can withdraw … pretty easy …

And pay for the exchange fee to get those extra wxt plus the fee to then sell them right after :stuck_out_tongue:

If you could just link it to be spent with the card it would have been so much better

Can you guy be fast with my wirex account verification process pls this my ticket id 2337040

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I totally agree on this. It would be better to just be able to link wxt balance and use it with the card

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Aha, WXT is up ~170% from the date when they imposed these limits because 99% can’t sell it. Now I get it :stuck_out_tongue:

@moderators Thanks