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No where to express how much you love Wirex?

Simply write down a sentence in the comments section below on what you like the most about Wirex!

Is it a particular feature? The design of the app? The ease of use? Whatever you love about Wirex, we want to know!


There’s much to love in wirex. From it’s easy interface, very very old people friendly :joy:, its neverending promotions and its topnotch rewards system. There’s also a wide range of cryptos available. And of course the kind customer service, moderators, and the heartwarming community. Keep up the good work team wirex, love and kisses to all of you​:heart::heart::two_hearts:


I can only say simple things about this platform. Its interface is simple and then there are many crypto exchanges like other crypto wallets. So far, my experience here with crypto transactions is that the process is fast. And most of all, are many surprise promotion rewards.Maybe soon they can add transaction direct via Gcash account or Paymaya so that users from the Philippines can deposit easily and quickly…:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:.


Overall it is awesome.


There’s more reason to love Wirex, a userfriendly app and detailed information , and gives as member an exciting event with a friendly reminder.


Being one of the family wirex give’s excitement , not only once but as long as long as they’re duty was to let people know how to value everything.

Thank You Wirex :heart::heart::heart:


I absolutely love everything about Wirex! The app is well designed, the credit card is beautiful, the staff is friendly. This a good company that I recommend to everyone. :ok_hand: :smiley:

The best feature is undoubtedly X-Account, it allows me to earn money by lying back on my couch. :+1: :sunglasses:

Want to know more? Look here :point_down:


I like…

our site Wirex Comunity :blush:

Wirex mobile management and multi card Wirex :muscle::blush:

Wirex education and games :ok_hand::tada:

Only so on, let the small grow bigger​:four_leaf_clover::hugs:

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What I love the most about wirex is the competitive rate on X-Account


X-accounts and easy to use for me here! :star: :+1: :star_struck: :money_mouth_face: