Celebrate WXT’s birthday with Cryptoback™ rewards!

Happy 2nd birthday, WXT! We can’t wait to mark this wonderful occasion by rewarding you, of course!

Now, we know it’s usually custom to bring a gift for birthdays, but don’t worry – we’ve already got the cake covered.

Instead, we want to reward you by offering up to 2% Cryptoback™ rewards every time you buy crypto in the Wirex app for a whole month. Cheers!

Grab a slice of crypto cake!

Choose an old-time favourite, try something new or buy a bit of everything! There’s a whole range of top cryptocurrencies available in the Wirex app now, so take your pick!

Join the party and start earning Cryptoback™ rewards on your crypto purchases today.


Read the EEA T&Cs here

Read the APAC T&Cs here



Happy birthday :balloon::tada: :birthday::partying_face: :cake::cupcake:

@Ali_Wirex when are the WXT cryptoback rewards payable? 30 days after the promotion is over?

I couldn’t find it on the T&C’s


Let this promotion be INSTANT
X account
:sob: :exploding_head:
When I see new promotion I understand that there are delays on main function.

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@Oleg_Levchuk I completely understand. Stay tuned we are working on a lot of things. :wink:

@opmiami Thank you! Yes this will be tallied up and rewarded within 30 working days which start from the day the promotion ends.

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Guess this currently effectively excludes UK users?

Still owed cryptoback and WXT bonuses from about 5 promotions, not doing anymore until I can see this is not a scam.

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Nothing to celebrate for me and thousands of other blocked users.

My account was locked 6 months ago without reason. After years of being a devout and decent Wirex customer, using Visa card daily, doing IBAN and crypto transactions, bringing friends over. All my cash was clean and tax paid. Yet they blocked me without warning and support has done nothing since. Except feeding me with empty promises to investigate.

So nothing to celebrate, really. It used to be a great business model then ruined by ugly customer service.

Hello there @boryagin , I am truly sorry that you are experiencing this delay. Could you please share your latest ticket reference number so that I can chase it up for you again? Thank you

Hello there @pjhunt , sorry about the late reply. Can I ask have you create a support ticket for this? If so, please share your latest ticket reference number so that I can chase it up for you. Thank you

Thank you but I’ve created several tickets and none have been replied to. I’ve completely lost trust in WIREX.
I bought UNI
I bought AAVE
I bought LINK
I bought premium membership
I bought 30,000 WIrex.
and I’ve had no 5 promised gifts, no interest in my WTX balance, no wtX back anywhere. No 1% on ANY payments. I’m furious and feel completely deceived and conned. I’m now using Binance and their rewards ALWAYS arrive.

WIREX is dishonest

Hi there @pjhunt Firstly, I do completely understand your frustration and I’m very sorry you have experienced this. I would be very happy to flag this for you directly with the support team, I will just need the ticket reference number. If I could get that I will do my best to chase this for you to get it resolved.

Thank you

Why you not closing Wirex project and reopen it when all is working fine like TenX?
You know that you :duck: all your reputation?!
2 years of low low on buying WXT

I have never been given a ticket number. It just says “thanks we’ll get back to you”.

Go figure!

I have just tried again and all it says is “request submitted” there is no number at all.

Doesn’t matter if I have a ticket or not.

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Very sorry to hear @pjhunt about the troubles you have been experiencing, I’m sure the team is looking into this right now to resolve the issue to make you a happy customer :slight_smile:

Who you are #superambassador ? Another fake support?

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