Change lost phone #

Request Number: 1553082 and 1553166

Hello, I have a new phone number, I have already written that it is very important to change it, I would be very pleased if you can change it.

Sorry for the inconvenience it is just an emergency and your prompt assistant is needed. Thank you

Your prompt assistance will be highly appreciated.

Hey @conrado_yumul,
Thanks for reaching out to us! I have sent your Customer Support ticket references to the team who will reach out to you directly to get this changed for you.

Hi , I have the same problem if I can get help have been waiting for a few days to hear back from someone (1553485) request number, cheers if you’re able to help much appreciated

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@moderators help this case. Thank you.

Thank you


Hey @midoriixx, I have flagged this with the team and they will be in touch with you directly to help solve your issue.

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I have the same issue I’ve sent in tickets for the past 5 days with no response please help

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They email you once it’s done.

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