Check out the Wirex crypto cookbook!



Want to whip up the perfect crypto concoction but not sure where to start?

We’ve put together some simple recipes to help you cook up a storm in the Wirex app. So, pick your favourite, follow the steps and get ready to indulge in some crypto-flavoured culinary delights…

Recipe 1: oh-so-appetising OTC rates

Let’s start with a simple one. To tuck into Wirex’s infamous live OTC rates, all you have to do is…

  1. Browse our 35+ leading tokens and choose your favourites

  2. Buy or exchange as little as €/US$/£10 worth. That’s it - say hello to those industry-best rates!

:sparkles:Top tip: don’t forget, we’ve significantly reduced fees for all crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchanges, making switching up your currencies more affordable than ever!

Recipe 2: seriously satisfying interest rates

Not quite full from our first recipe? This one ought to do the trick.

  1. Open an X-Account for free and move any amount of your chosen currency into it

  2. Choose to earn in kind or in WXT for an extra 4% interest

  3. Immediately start earning up to 20% AER! Your interest is calculated daily and paid out weekly

  4. Open more X-Accounts - you can have up to 10 on the go at once!

:sparkles:Top tip: X-Accounts let you instantly withdraw your funds at any time, with no fees whatsoever. Next up, why not spend them in real life with your multicurrency Wirex card?

Recipe 3: quick, tasty Cryptoback™ rewards

Love shopping? You’ll want to bookmark this one.

  1. Pay for every purchase with your Wirex card

  2. Instantly earn up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards every single time!

  3. Upgrade your price plan to unlock the very highest rates

  4. Get an annual Savings Bonus of up to 16% on your WXT balance, too!

:sparkles:Top tip: check out our wide range of merchant offers to make your shopping even more satisfying! Find out more here.

*Read the full X-Tras T&Cs here
*Read the full X-Account T&Cs here