Christmas eve account still blocked since Monday I 🥺

My account still blocked wirex because of you I may have the worst Christmas of my life why can’t u give me access to my account i don’t have much money left please can I get some answers


I’m like you and I’m a solo mom of 5 kids…I save up my money on wirex to use it on xmas and 4 days still money is going down too🥲

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my card was blocked 6 days ago and they cant tell me reason for that! they let me without money for xmas.Fucking company…they steal money and block accts for no reaason


I can’t believe this please let me know wen they grmet back to u

Unbelievable really like this company but not sure anymore pliz let me know whats happens when they get back to u

Out of all my 25 email to them in 3 days they only reply to 1 and say sorry someone will contact me bla bla bla n still not…my money kept going down and not so happy…massanger on FB in there page they reply too but not helpful

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I’m having the same issues guys, out of no where they said they need to increase my limits, and just to be cleared that’s without me requesting it.
But they go… in order to increase my limits I need to be verify again with my address.
Ok it seems fair enough, but then I’ve been sending them copies after copies from my license to my utilities, bank statement, bank transactions all show my exact name and my exact address yet it’s all been rejected
and hence it’s been nearly 2 month I can not access my account SUX!!!
Hey ruin my family Christmas, I mean how the hell are they allowed to not let us access our own funds??? Can some one tell me?
Now all I want is to access my BTC in my wirex account and move to another wallet and shut freaking account down cos they freaking got no rights to not access our own funds own own $$$ !!! Can some one PLEASE how is this possible??? REDICULOUSLY BS!!!

Do we get some sort of compensation for our accounts been blocked for so long?

I am new here but this is in general chat there is a section elsewhere on main menu to post this. I have never had any issues with wirex and I am sure they will sort this out for you. They can be a little slow but all my problems in the past or questions have asked have always been resolved.