Closed account still takes funds

I made a bank transfer £345 to my wirex account I knew the card was closed from the 16th I am waiting on the new multi card to be delivered I thought the actual current account was still open and would use the new multi mastercard intead of the closed visa debit card
When I looked at my account the funds didnt show
I was told that I will have to contact contis to get funds
My question is why wasnt the funds returned to sending account if the account is closed

Has anybody else had this problem ?

Also those funds were for bills and other things so now Im a bit stuck for paying an overdue bill
I have £150 in btc in another wallet could I send the btc to wirex then exchange this into £gbp in the wirex app and then use that to pay a bill or will the money also go to contis

Please could I get a reply I posted earlier but never got a reply but people posting after me were getting replies

Thanx for any help you can offer
Kind regards

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