Community Update - Interview with Wirex CEO Pavel Matveev

We put our Founder & CEO Pavel Matveev on the spot to answer the questions you’ve been asking us. And he delivers. Don’t miss watching this one, he covers everything from what Wirex is doing now, plans for the future, what we offer our customers who are outside the UK/EU, KYC and a few others that you wanted addressed!

Like I dont wanna sound picky or anything but… instead of just bringing up all the cool stuff that is planned and going on, how about you (and also the Support of Wirex) inform customers of Bugs and if they got fixed.

I for once transfered yesterday around 1150€ in Bitcoin to Wirex, exchanged them … and System tells me “failed”.
Bitcoins are gone. No € (virtual Card). Support tells me they will fix it ASAP. Now its 13hrs later.
That money is suppose to pay Bills within the next 36hrs. But clearly… not even a refund of Bitcoin to my Account. Sorry Wirex but… come on you can do better, and you did much better back in the Wavecrest days as I heard from many of my Friends.

Hi Florian,

Thanks for getting in touch and leaving this feedback. In regards to your account, have you submitted a support ticket with us already? If yes, can you send me the 6-digit reference number so I can chase it up with our support team. If not, please fill out this form here…
Thank you.

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Was the first thing I did yesterday as it occured. Now I am waiting and waiting, and “Julia Plemeniuk” replies to everything just with “it will be fixed ASAP”. Ok cool, but when will it work again?
When will I receive my Bitcoins back? I mean both BTC & Money > Nada. Empty.

Thanks for sending this over. I am sending this to our support team now and will chase it up with them. I unfortunately can’t give an estimated time, because, I don’t have access to account/technical information. But I am chasing this up as we speak!

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Thanks for your response but after you you finish all your what you duing am asking to be the first person to receive the Wirex card in South Africa

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