Confused UK Investor

Hi there, I haven’t been in here in a while. I am a UK Investor with crowdcube and have been a wirex customer for years. When I try to log in I get a KYC type message.

Wirex is a UK based company so why are UK customers barred from its services? Is anything being done to rectify this or should I just delete the app and forget about wirex and my investment?

Many thanks

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Hi @Trigger :wave:
Nice to see you there!

I’m not sorry that you ask yourself these kinds of questions. If you allow me, I will ask you to read these different articles in order to fully understand what is happening with Wirex and the FCA restriction:

If you have other questions, I invite you to ask them directly on the first article.

Thank you so much!

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Hello @Trigger, unfortunately, due to FCA recommendations, our services are restricted for UK users. The issue with KYC we have forwarded to the relevant team, you will be contacted at the nearest time. Regards!

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I too am a UK investor and at this point extremely frustrated that i cannot really just my account for much else other than transferring crypto currencies out of wirex and even then the fees are ridiculous, it costs more in fees that what you have in assets to transfer to another wallet.

The excuse that you are waiting on the FCA has worn extremely thin as other crypto app and companies in the UK function with no problem following the FCA notice to register.

What is really going on? There has been no communication in months regarding GBP accounts and users,.

Unfortunately I’ve lost all confidence in Wirex.

Please tell us when this will be addressed and dealt with as it has made Wirex in the UK non functional.

Hi @lmacleod! Unfortunately, in accordance wit certain legal restrictions, we cannot provide you with any specific timeframes for this particular case resolution.
Kindly note that the crypto transfers are available and if you have troubles with a certain transfer, please let us know or contact Support yourself.