Contactless Card UK Launch - Live Thread

UK, they’re finally here!! FULL BLOG POST

We’re hosting a live Webinar and product walk through to celebrate the long anticipated and eagerly awaited launch of our new contactless payment card offering. And the great news is that they’re finally here!!! (for the UK)

Verified users can order their FREE contactless card in the app starting from RIGHT. NOW. No more Waiting List!

Have any burning questions? Myself (CM Raph & cryptocurrency keynote speaker & evangelist) and CM Ali will be here all day to answer them below.

And later on at 6PM GMT (10/05), I’ll be hosting a LIVE walk through of the cards and everything you need to know about them incl. a Q&A session to cover anything else off to go about your Wirex journey confidently!

You’ll also receive an invitation to our exclusive discord & telegram channels!

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Can foreign student studying in UK university get verified and order the card?

If you’re over 18, have an ID document, and a UK proof of address, then Yes!

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oh. That is nice. Thank you for the information.

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What are the ATM withdrawal limits of the cards?
What is the max amount the card can hold?
What are the limits and fee’s for the card?

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£250 per day, but this is probably not inclusive of fees.
Card account can hold up to £7,500

We’re always happy to help!

What else do people want to know?

Hi Raphael, this is my first time here. Maybe I need to put my question elsewhere, but let me have a try.
In Nove last year I ordered the first plastic card made available by Wirex. Due to issues with Visa at that time I was never able to use it. When ordering the card I reserved BTC in my Wirex account for that purpose; the amount is still shown.
Now that the new plastic card is for free, I was wondering if this amount will be place back into my Wirex BTC account?

Hi there. The best option is to submit a support ticket. If you have you can send me the 6-digit reference number and I can chase it up with our support team. If not, you can fill one out here…