Contis chargebacks does not work

Dear @VVoutje, I have forwarded this case to the relevant department and will get back to you with an update at the nearest time.

Have a nice day!

Dear team, please escalate ticket no 491443 is urgent.
Thank you

Hi @Andrei_Filimon!

The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!


Any news please ?


În lun., 17 mai 2021 la 14:57 Maryna via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> a scris:

Hello @Andrei_Filimon, unfortunately, we still do not have access to Contis accounts, that is why we are not able to help you with this problem. Please, contact Contis once again.

Is there already something known about this mail I did send, nobody is reacting Contis doesn’t and here there is no progress as well after another 2 weeks.

Hi @VVoutje, we are very sorry that this situation has arisen. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the closed account so that is why we are not able to help you. Please, contact Contis once again.


Dear community of Wirex,

again we gonna talk in a circular way, I wrote Contis already a couple off times and even today I asked them for a explanation without any reaction.

In behave off all Wirex customers I think it’s more than reasonable to ask Wirex who handled the contract with Contis in our name, where our money is.

Don’t talk in circles and be honest here what’s going on.


Wolter de Vries

Dear @VVoutje, We are sorry to hear about that.

Kindly note that we are not technically able to address your inquiry and we kindly ask you to contact the card issuer directly to resolve this issue. Please be informed that due to the high load with the incoming requests, Contis may respond longer than usual. We kindly ask you t wait for some more time.

We appreciate your patience!

Dear community of Wirex,

24 of march 202 is a long time to react from the issuer (Contis), can Wirex as my issuer tell me what’s going on? Wirex handled in my name with Contis so it’s more then reasonable for some action of Wirex as well.

I think lot’s of your customer’s where patience enough.

Wolter de Vries

Dear community of Wirex,

after 3 moths I did send my redemption form to Contis and a lot of emails afterwards and writing here to this community I finally received my remaining balance of almost 3000 EUR of my closed Wirex(Visacard). So don’t give up dear members there is still hope for others that everything comes into the right order.

I’m just thinking by my self how is Wirex capture this what occurred? How can I trust you ever again, putting big amounts of money on this card or invest in 5000 EUR of WTX, like I did before.

Do you blame me for thinking twice now, about funding Wirex?

Hello @VVoutje, we are truly happy to hear that you receive the funds from the closed account. We will try to do our best to prevent such situations from happening in the future. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Have a nice day!