Create your own crypto squad!

Sound the airhorns and crack open a cold one – it’s American Football Day!

The highs and lows of the nation’s best-loved sport are mirrored in the emotional rollercoaster that is the crypto market - so we decided to create our very own dream team of top tokens.

The members of our unstoppable squad are fast, dynamic and resilient. Plus, you can buy and exchange each of them at exclusive OTC rates in the Wirex app!

Meet The Crypto Cubs!

BTC Centre

Icon, legend and rightful captain of The Crypto Cubs. BTC proudly takes the centre and stars the game, dazzling the crowd with its signature smile.

ETH Quarterback

ETH dreams of being captain one day, but for now, it takes an important position on the offensive side. Responsible for directing its team to victory.

XLM Offensive Guard

Super fast and boasting muscles of steel, XLM stops at nothing to protect its teammates and block defenders of the rival team.

XRP Offensive Tackle

A good athlete, but probably enjoys the pre-game pep talks a little too much. XRP goes in for the kill at every game, ready to take down anyone that stands in its way.

WXT Wide Receiver

The most reliable player and one who’s always early to practice. WXT is applauded for its extreme skilfulness in passing, catching and finding open positions.

NANO Running Back

With weeks of intense training under its belt, NANO positions itself behind the offensive line, ready to take the pigskin at full speed.

LINK Tight End

LINK carries a lot on its shoulders (including some pretty hefty shoulder pads). Relentlessly blocking and passing with immense dignity and grace, it rarely loses its head.

And that’s not all! We’ve got many other crypto players waiting on the bench. Check them out here.