Credit mastercard

despite multiple attempts to establish contact, nobody answers. everyone directs me to someone else. My credit for returns is not credited to me even though most of them are several months old!
how long do I have to run behind my money!

wirex = cheat?
I have open questions!


Try step 1 and then step 2.


Hi @Neslihan :wave:

Please accept our sincere apologies. Can you share your ticket number about this issue please?

Thank you for your patience!

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i dont have anyone

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Hello there @Neslihan , I’m sorry about your experience. Can I know have you create a support ticket for this? Thank you


Topic: Wirex Card / Other

Create Ticket

Create a support ticket, then a ticket number is sent via email to you.

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Hello @Neslihan :blush: please create tickets here.

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