Crowdcube Investors Corner - Latest updates and news

A big welcome to all those who have generously contributed to the crowdfunding on Crowdcube where we raised £3.7 Million! Thank you to all those who took part, we appreciate each and every one of you.

Now that the crowdfunding campaign has officially ended and you have gotten your shares and certificates, we will be migrating you all to our special private investors channel here on the community forum. That is where you will get all the latest news/announcements/updates on your Wirex Investors journey.

Some have been asking why there has been a slight delay in updates, and this was due to the process of waiting to make sure you had received your shares/certificates, as well as collecting all email data from Crowdcube. We are happy to announce that we have indeed received this recently and will now start the process of onboarding all those who have participated, to the dedicated private channel.

In order to move you over (to the private channel), you will need to make sure that you have signed up to the community forum with the same email address that you’ve used on your Crowdcube crowdfunding investment account.

In the meantime, this thread will be here for you to leave your questions/comments and anything else that you may feel needs addressing.

We are thrilled to have you on board. Now let’s start this journey together!



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Hi Wirexers :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

It’s good news !

Is it possible to modify the e-mail address registered on Crowdcube for this to work?

You should be able to @wirexuser01
Once you log in to crowdcube go to settings and you should be able to modify your email on the left side

Sure. But if the registered email address is different from the one registered here, changing it now may not have any effect on Wirex’s side. Is this correct @Ali_Wirex ?

Hey there! So for those of you who are investors and are already on the forum I will get back to you with an update. Keep the email that you have on crowdcube as that will not change the list.


Thank you for that clarification.

We stay tuned! :eyes:

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I am pleased to have invested in Wirex and I wish Wirex great success for the future. However, from the beginning of the entire investment process investors have been promised a SHARE CERTIFICATE, but instead of a share certificate I recently received a ‘Statement of Beneficial Ownership’. This is not a share certificate. Indeed Crowcube have been made the LEGAL OWNERS of what I thought was my share holding. Even in your latest ‘Update’ you are still talking about our SHARES and CERTIFICATES. All I have is a Statement of Beneficial Ownership. I feel very mislead. You promised SHARE CERTIFICATES, so when are we going to receive them?
I await your explanation,

I think Wirex can’t help with this issue cuz it’s an legal issue with Crowdcube. Crowdcube had an explanation on the discussion page on Crowdcube, perhaps you can take a look.

I’m new to the Wirex forum. Currently I’m using the same email on both sides but I can’t see any entry to the private channel. Is it normal?

Hi there, we are working on getting all investors onto the private community channel. You will be informed of it. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day.

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i looged in here by my gmail account and by crowdcube i have other address, you have any solution for me?

Hi @Buchi-88 :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Don’t worries, me too and we will have news directly here.

Have a nice day!


Is this private thing accessible already? cause i cant see anything

Hello, I was directed to the email address by Wirex support, I mailed twice but no one responded.
I have this question:
I have bought 25 shares (about 230£) trough The Crowdcube in november 2020.
What do I have to do next? What are the benefits? And how to get the benefits?
I have no idea what to do now?
Thank you for any answer.

I don’t know how close they are to really finalizing access to the rewards though…

… would be nice to have an update…?


Hi Oleg, that was temporary yesterday evening but all should be ok now.

Not solved I can’t add external card


Actually it was like that since January 1st. But I can confirm that card top up is now working on my app. Although no IBAN account still. Do you know how when will they be provided?