Crowdfund benefits

Hi people of Wirex,

Does anyone know what is happening to the people who crowdfunded? After all this time, there are no updates, and I want to get the benefits that they promised to the people who funded. Who is covered or not with the new mastercard or is everyone changing to mastercard with the new terms or???

I have no idea…

Anyway, love to hear from people who has the same questions.


I asked to crowdcube but a received an answer without date !

Would have loved to invest in Wirex on Crowdcube, but they thought I wasn’t experienced enough so I had to pass on that one. Such a pity…

Any news on return on investment? Did wirex scam the people?

I asked wirex on Twitter. They know nothing about the crowdfund they say!!!

hello guys please be careful on what link you click stay safe

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Be careful :slightly_smiling_face: