Crowdfund - What will the "Exclusive Investor Wirex card design" look like ? Speculations here ! 👀

We know this :

But there is no clues. Maybe on the side of Crowcube ? Yes !

Except that… This design has already appeared somewhere, right ? Yes !

I thought I found the exclusive design from Crowdcube’s Twitter but I didn’t. In my opinion, this exclusive design must be really top secret.

So if you have ideas, post them here ! I’m sure we’ll know more. :eyes:


Thank you for sharing!

In my opinion, the dark green design doesn’t look as much as good as the mint one. As an investor, i would hope for something more special. However, the dark green one is giving me “mr. green” vibes, which i don’t appreciate :sweat_smile:

Best case, it is top secret and the investor design will be more unique. At this point, i would prefer the mint card design over the dark one.


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