Crushing the money myths!

Hello dear friends! :sun_with_face:

As I said before, we’re going to dive deep to explore the money myths and try to solve and see the fix behind each on of them. Let’s start!

  1. Money is the root of all evil!

You probably heard this one before, tell me where did you first hear this idea? Parents, church leaders, friends…maybe family members? It’s an idea that’s been passed down for generations and today we find it deeply ingrained in our belief systems about the world.It’s a trap. It’s an idea that keeps poor people poor just by believing it. Just think about it if you’re poor or you believe money or having an appreciation for it is the root of all evil, you’re going to consciously or subconsciously avoid it at all costs. Having money will either consciously or subconsciously make you feel like you’re going to go to hell if you have it, so you get rid of it the moment that it shows up. Even if you’re not religious the idea could arguably be ingrained in the mass subconscious at this point as well. In this same way it’s interesting to see how the original phrase got so misinterpreted, while it’s impossible to say for sure where the translation got mixed up. The original greek phrase read ‘’For the root of all evil is the love of money.’’ It does have multiple interpretations and translations. For one the phrase ‘’money’’ can also be translated as silver. During the reformation period Martin Luther translated the phrase as ‘’Avarice is the root of all evil,’’ which incorporated greed and hoarding into the question. Most people agree that Luther referred to the love of money in strong accusations against the catholic church, because he saw the whole idea of paying ‘’your way out of hell’’ as inherently sinful, something that the catholic church at the time was very guilty of. Perhaps the general mindset regarding money changed around this time. In the Pardoners tale of the ‘’Canterbury tales’’ the pardoner expresses a similar mindset by explaining that he can preach all about how avarice and money are evil, while using his position to disguise the fact he himself engages in such a disharmonious relationship with money. As far as things relate with us we should be mindful that as creators of our reality participating in this field of collective human consciousness that our beliefs about ourselves and the world dictates what kind of actions we take. If we feel that either money is the root of all evil or just loving it or appreciating it is evil then we limit ourselves from learning about it on a deeper level. Think about it - if money is a reflection of energy and everything is energy and the energy from which all things are created is as we’ve explored in a spiritual sense - this universal unconditional love then why is that we practise unconditional love for everyone and everything except money? Of course we should cleanse ourselves of our greed and make the pursuit of money not be the only thing we are after at expense of everything else, our connections with each other and whatnot, but if we outright deny this important aspect of life we ultimately give our power over to the people who use this wealth in negative ways… Just something to think about…

  1. All rich people … are bad…

Let’s look at another money myth. Specifically the way that wealthy people are commonly viewed in society. There’s an ingrained mentality that rich people are all greedy jerks , right? Generally, most people with tons of money are wrapped into the elite ruling class of the world. In fact the more money you have the more likely you will be associated with the Illuminati by conspiracy theorists. This mentality sets a standard for yourself that you could never have lots of money, because everyone with money is associated as being negative. If all rich people were greedy jerks, I mean you don’t want to be a jerk, right? Let’s be clear, certainly there are rich jerks in the world , but there are also poor jerks and considering that there are significantly more poor people than wealthy people in the world we can make an argument that there are more poor jerks than rich ones. Either way, here’s the key - money is neutral and it will basically amplify what’s already there. If you are benevolent money can help you be more benevolent, but if you’re greedy…yeah, money can make you more of that too. Let’s be clear that a lot of money has been made extorting others in the world and that’s not we would want to do and I get that this where a lot of our collective negative associations towards money comes from, but we have to temper that attitude by observing other who have done brilliant things with their wealth. If we adopt the idea that all rich people are bad then our minds automatically try to find ways to throw shade at good-hearted people. Even if you genuinely don’t like them for whatever reason we have to take into consideration that they are people too and they’re doing their best with the position that they’re in to make a positive change in the world. If we are willing to look at money differently as something that we can use benevolently for the benefit of mankind then we open up the potential of us actually creating it and we step into a new way of life for ourselves and those around us.

  1. Chase for the great deals!! (…but missing the long term perspective)

There’s been even memes on the internet accurately describing our collective relationship with money and our perspective of value. Healthy groceries for 100$?! No, that’s too expensive…but a dinner date for 100$, well…that’s reasonable. A therapist for 130$?! That’s absurd…but a trip to the supermarket for 130$?! Well, they’ve got great deals!! Average college class might cost a thousand dollars, that’s way too expensive! But iPhone, that’s a thousand dollars - that is a necessity! It shows the lack of mindset we’ve been conditioned to think in deals then instead of what’s truly valuable. The result of this is that it becomes easy to miss out on potential opportunities to invest in ourselves and our personal growth. That’s also the other side of money, not just making it, but spending it, which is so valuable for us to learn and integrate into our lives. Every time you spend money you are investing your own personal energy into what you believe is valuable, so the question then becomes - what do you value most in life? Yes, you could spend thousands of dollars on video games, but you can spend the same money on a trip to some foreign land or maybe take a specialized course to help you get better at doing something you love ‘’Don’t show me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I will tell you what they are.’’ James Frick

  1. Live cheap and save some…

There’s a common mentality about living on a budget and if you live on the cheap you will save money and one you will have a big pile of dollars. However you create your own reality and if you are focused on a cheap mentality then that’s what you will continue to create. On the other hand if you change your mentality, your focus on generating wealth rather than pinching pennies imagine how your reality could be different .

  1. Financial freedom = the end goal

Most people believe financial freedom means having enough money so that you don’t have to work, but this myth is broken, because having financial freedom today doesn’t mean you will have it tomorrow, instead try the term financial confidence - this means knowing that you have the skills and ability to make money no matter what happens it means you never feel like you have to be at the mercy of external forces when it comes to your financial life. This is what it means to truly be open to allowing that cosmic energetic stability to permeate your life as we discussed before.

Now that we have shattered some classic money myths it’s time for us to begin really rewiring our consciousness and putting ourselves into a place where we can start opening to making money and getting to that place where you never have to worry about it again.

Best of luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: