Crypto Corner - A Profile on WAVES

The Waves token (WAVES) arrived on the Wirex platform in January 2019, helping secure our status as one of the most diverse crypto offerings on the market.

Launched in 2016 by physicist and entrepreneur Alexander Ivanov, Waves is first-and-foremost an open-source blockchain platform on which anyone can create their own decentralised applications. The platform’s most celebrated feature is its custom token creation capability, which allows anyone to launch their own crypto token in less than a minute. These tokens can then be traded directly on the platform’s DEX (decentralised exchange).

To create your own crypto on the Waves platform, it’ll cost you 1 WAVES - the platform’s native token with which transaction fees are paid. WAVES can also be bought, held and sold on the Waves DEX.

Aside from the obvious payment and asset tokenisation use cases, Waves offers the perfect protocol for a wide range of projects, including loyalty programs, crowdfunding campaigns and even gaming.

Waves’ initial aim was to make it easier for both individuals and businesses to implement their own blockchain infrastructures, which could then be used to solve real-world problems. Despite frequently being compared to Ethereum in its approach, the Waves platform’s smart contract technology is much more straightforward, which means that anyone can deploy them regardless of their level of programming knowledge. The Waves platform also boasts faster transaction times than Ethereum, as well as higher levels of security (thanks to its unique language, RIDE) and ultimately scalability.

Like Wirex, Waves is all about bringing blockchain technology and crypto to the masses and increasing the general understanding of their benefits. Looking at some of the applications that have set themselves up on the Waves protocol, we can certainly see it creeping into the public awareness - take Burger King’s Russian “Whoppercoin” loyalty program built on Waves, for example.

Things are definitely on the up for Waves, with more big partnerships including Microsoft emerging - let’s hope the innovative platform continues making waves well into the future.

Waves Competition

With the spotlight on Waves this week, we’ve decided to throw a little competition on our Twitter and Instagram channels! All you have to do is go to our latest posts on Twitter and Instagram to see the full details on how to enter.* That’s it. We will be awarding 2 lucky winners with 35 Waves each into their Wirex Waves account.

For full entry details, entrants must check the associated Twitter and Instagram posts.

  1. The competition closes on (02.08.2020 11:59PM BST).
  2. Winners must be a verified user with an activated Wirex Waves account.
  3. Two winners will be chosen.
  4. Winner will have 35 Waves funded into their Wirex Waves account.
  5. We will announce the winners on our community forum in this post on 07.08.2020.
  6. Once the winner is contacted, the winner will have to provide the requested details within 48 hours to claim their prize. Otherwise another winner will be chosen.
  7. We will award the Waves to the winner once they have been contacted in approximately 7-12 working days time.
  8. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Twitter.

Good luck guys…


good luck WAVES and more power! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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What’s so special about it?

  • :running_man: High-throughput - The recently launched Waves-NG mainnet is capable of handling around 100 transactions per second (tps), compared to a max of 7 tps for Bitcoin.
  • :moneybag: Low transaction fees - These can be as low as 0.001 WAVES for regular transactions or 0.005 WAVES for transactions that invoke a script.
  • :family_man_woman_boy: Ultra inclusive - Waves’ Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) consensus mechanism ensures anybody with WAVES tokens can earn rewards by leasing their tokens to mining nodes.
  • :brain: Smart tokens - Waves’ smart tokens can be launched by anybody since there’s no programming experience required. Creating a token on Waves is as simple as a few button clicks.

Are WAVES available for New Zealand users? I can’t find them in the android app or in the web browser version. Thanks

I think it’s Singapore only.

Someone feel free to correct me…?

Why is Waves not available in my app?

Sorry bro…I’m not admin…but read my above statement.

I’m in APAC, and it’s not available in my region, but I think Singapore is in APAC yet it’s available there…sooo…?
You’ll have to direct your query to a Wirex representative.

Hello there @Pete4125 , sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, WAVES is not available in the APAC region. For more information, please kindly check our list of available currencies here.

Hope this help and please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you :slight_smile: