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Hello Wirexers!

First of all I hope everyone’s enjoying their holidays, as well as their friends and family and having a wonderful time! :ribbon:

There are numerous ways on how to acquire some crypto ‘‘change’’ , by that I mean you probably won’t be able to cash in the big ticket, but many little projects eventually can add up and make difference.

The possibilities are infinite by starting and having a look around here in Wirex, From the booming X-accounts to various promotions and games being run here on forum, there’s definitely something for everyone up for grabs! :slight_smile:

I wanted to share a couple of things! First of all you all might have heard about Brave browser, if you haven’t heard of it, then now definitely is your time. We have had articles here on forum talking about Brave browser and BAT, Crypto Spotlight: BAT

I started using Brave browser since around this summer and definitely would recommend it to anyone. It’s for free and I definitely wanted to set up a challenge for myself to test if it’s possible to earn some ‘‘freebies’’ while surfing the web - Yes , indeed you get free crypto for just using your browser. While the payouts obviously ain’t massive it’s still a little something to give you a little boost and have an extra motivation to bag some crypto ‘‘change’’. Here’s my humble statistics up to date.


The other thing I wanted to share is this awesome website about crypto you might have heard or not. It’s called Publish0x - Earn Crypto for Publishing, Reading AND Watching Content!

My friend told me about this summer too and I have been a fan since, Isn’t that awesome, you can read free crypto articles, tip yourself and other writers for free and earn some crypto change along the way. Here’s my effort up to date.

Hope you find this article useful and going to check out the resources I have mentioned! :slight_smile:

There are many other similar sources to the ones I have named, please feel free to share your favorite ones!!

Happy new year! :heart: :star_struck:


Happy New Year for all :grin:

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