Crypto Rewards Proper Distribution

Hi. I would just like to raise my concern and I see it is the problems of many wirex users too. I have participated in various crypto Rewards program (like buy wxt, buy DOT, buy Solana, buy stable coin etc), and some of those are in November, and considering your timeline for distribution which is 30 working days after the rewards program, it should have been distributed by now. I am also checking the terms and conditions to see if I am eligible to the rewards program before I participate so that can’t be the reason why I don’t get it. Also, the rewards for competitions were also not being distributed even after many days. That’s all.

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These were some of the transactions.

I also don’t understand why wirex insists in this promotions if that delay the service. I think if they ask costumers, they would prefer less promotions and better service support.



I’m sorry for your concern.

Have you contacted support to explain your rewards issue?

Possibility of a delay,

Unfortunately a lot of people have issues, but the team always do their best to accommodate you.

Thanks you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope. Didn’t contact the support yet. I feel it is kinda burdensome to contact them and explain all the programs you participated, instead of wirex system automatically crediting you your rewards after the timeline.

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Maybe its late but for sure the rewards will came sir it also happen to me but it came :heart:

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Yes correct sometime its late but it will come to your account sir.

There may still be delayed rewards, but you will still receive them.

If you must have them, you will automatically have them.

No worries about that.


I received just a part of the rewards. I contacted the support team that opened a ticket but it is 20 days ago and no answer yet…
And it is not the first time I had to contact the customer support to receive my rewards.
I don’t understand and it is hard to continue to join the initiatives if this issues came often…


Yep I actually stopped joining

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Hi guys , sometimes the rewards come late but it really came to your account :heart: