Crypto Spotlight: Have you met LINK yet?

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Here’s what you need to know about our latest addition

Exciting times ahead! We now have two new cryptocurrencies available in the Wirex app. Plus, we’re also offering a USD $5 bonus for when you buy at least €50/ US$50 worth of these tokens!

But before you dive into this amazing offer and start exchanging, you probably want to know more, right? Well, here’s what it’s all about.

Meet LINK (AKA Chainlink). LINK was founded by SmartContract and launched in 2017 with the aim of implementing smart contracts with dependable, real-world data on its blockchain network.

What does it do?

LINK aims to resolve the issue of smart contracts needing to rely on external sources to carry out their terms properly. It does this by getting data providers to fill the gap between smart contracts and independent data sources.

This means you can be fully confident that the interaction between the two parties is secure and genuine.


Read the EEA T&Cs here

Read the APAC T&Cs here


Is this available in the UK ?

Hello @ChienChien_Wirex, you mentioned on your post that we now have 3 new cryptocurrencies. I was aware of two: MKR image and LINK image but I think I missed the third one .:man_shrugging:

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Hello there, @opmiami , it was a typo and the content has been amended, but thanks so much for spotting it! We really appreciate it!