Cryptoback™️: A loyalty programme without limits

It comes as no surprise that we are pretty proud of our Cryptoback™ reward scheme here at Wirex. Unlike a lot of other loyalty programmes, which offer rewards that are only redeemable in specific ways, for specific items, ours is geared towards giving you the choice as to how you spend your free coins.

Cryptoback™ is designed to give you the freedom to decide exactly how to spend your hard earned crypto.

Our world-first, crypto-based cashback scheme aims to repay user loyalty with up to 1.5% back in BTC for all in-store purchases made with a Wirex card. We’ve estimated that across a typical year, the average UK user is likely to earn over £300 in Cryptoback™, simply by using Wirex for their everyday spending.

This alone makes the programme a considerably enticing one, but what really differentiates it from the rest is the fact that there are no limits as to how your rewards are redeemed. Exchange and spend them as soon as you earn them, or hold on to them and save - the choice is completely yours.

We won’t make you wait to spend your rewards and we won’t restrict your spending of them - your money, your rules.