Cryptogression, Life Obsession & Personal Confession


“OMG YOLO” said the Millennial. “Waaaasup” said the Toad. But then…”HODL”, said my colleagues… Several Months Earlier…the journey begins It’s my first day at Wirex as the new CRM Campaign manager. Let’s be clear, at this point I knew that Bitcoin existed, and this is where my knowledge ended. In my first few weeks, my focus was on getting to grips with the job. However, every day I would hear something about clouds and I got increasingly interested. Personal confession: ‘Why…


Realistically, how long do you think it will be before Bitcoin is used as a mainstream currency?


It depends what you mean by currency. Bitcoin it’s self is more a store of value than a currency; a currency needs to be ‘fungible’ all over the world; i.e. merchants need to accept it for goods.
At this present moment Bitcoin is not widely accepted as a payment method, and this is the biggest hurdle with regards to mass adoption.

Also; this is why we need a company like Wirex to turn the value of Bitcoin into currencies that are fungible.