Current cards cancelled. Money safe. New cards coming soon


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Yesterday, our partner WaveCrest Holdings, Ltd., which provides our cards was instructed by VISA to close all of its prepaid cryptocurrency-related and standard prepaid VISA debit card programs. The Wirex card is such a program. As a result, your Wirex Payment Cards have been deactivated, and you will not be able to use it for further payment or withdrawals. Unfortunately, we were given no notice by the supplier WaveCrest to prepare for this change. The whole Wirex team…


What do the new cards look like?

Still same fees as old cards?


Please add me to list for new cards


please add me for new card,


Any news bout wavecrest? why they can’t sent cards out anymore? it is not only wirex that is hit by wavecrest but all wavecrest had issued cards to other ico’s like bitwala and so on.


Please, I need the new card urgently. Add me for the new card. My email is


Hi can you please prioritize me on new cards, my wirex e-mail is
Wish you the best on this issue!


Need new card urgently my wirex account is


Well, the people is crazy…all the cards are urgent I guess…to me my card is the one with highest priority. Please, put mi mail in the first position :stuck_out_tongue:


please add me for new card, my wirex email is


Now old card not working, When it work or new card coming ??


Please everyone stop posting your emails when your are ordering a bank/crypto card ??? just think about it before you post your details this is like gold and email and they know your desperately waiting for a email from wires about your new card oh dear …


Moi aussi lol
Me too lol


Is there a solution of new cards? I ordered the old card on December and used only 2 times. And, I paid DHL fee. Will I get the new card without paying again for DHL service to get the card within one week?


Hi, i need the new card urgently, please put me on the waiting list, thanks


please add me for the new card, i ordered it after december 1st


During the live webinars you say that the new cards will arrive very soon, but do you speak in days, weeks, months?
For my part, it was my only means of payment and I had a lot of financial problems because of the ban on your Visa card.
Today your site is completely false because there is no longer a credit card that can do everything you say, are you aware of this? Anyone can attack you for misleading advertising!!

Translated with


We’re literally working on trying to resolve this issue within a matter of day’s!

BUT; this is a long process, one that we started 6 months ago, we are ironing out a few bugs on our application.
The application can be ready in a few days, and we could start issuing Virtual cards in days. But to get the signatures it could be much longer.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but believe me when I say we are doing everything in our power to get you up and running. And being 6 months down the line already, we’re confident that we will probably be the first to offer a solution.

Thank you for your patience!


What is happening with the new cards? Do we have to pay for the new ones?


What signatures do you still need?
Correct me if I’m wrong but you haven’t mentioned anything about these anywhere else until now.