Current cards cancelled. Money safe. New cards coming soon


The money is not save. I sent transfer from PayPal to my Wirex USD virtual card and the money is not yet in my Wirex account or back to my PayPal account. I have issue with the support. It has been two weeks they still can’t resolve the case. I think that when all the cards were blocked my transfer came into blocked card but they did not return the money.


Applying for a new card issuer needs approval from several agencies. In some cases it takes years to get this approval.

We’re over 6 months down the line with a new issuer. We’re confident that we will probably be the first with a solution!

Also to relegate our reliance on third party networks, we’re working on B2B and B2C crypto focused solutions to compliment the cards.

We realise that this is a stressful time for those without cards; but rest assured we’re doing everything in our power to resolve this as soon as possible.


Thank you, I hope you will find a CreditCard’s solution


Not the case for me. I had finally received my new Visa Eur plastic after having to verify 2 times and it taking almost 2 months. I transfer my BTC to the card and then find out that I’m not able to activate and then the card disappears from my dashboard along with my funds. This happened about 2 weeks before WaveCrest decided to go “Europe Only”. I would wait weeks for replies from customer support and the replies would be generic mumbo jumbo answers that explained nothing. Ultimately I was told that I had to Verify AGAIN because they had switched issuing banks. So I send in my stuff and then WaveCrest goes only Europe Only and my card disappears from dashboard along with my funds. I still have this brand new Visa that I never got to use. I hope that a card will be issued to me free of charge. And I should be upgraded to the Black or Platinum considering that this will be the 4th time that I’ve verified my Identity with Wirex. And I understand that the “new” verification process is going to have to be done which I don’t really have a problem with as long as it doesn’t take 2 months again. I really hope that you all have learned from the mistakes of the past and that this rollout of new cards and services goes off without a hitch. It would be nice to get back my funds that I had on the card that vanished from my dashboard too.


Thank you for your feedback. Please provide me with a ticket number and I will do my best to help you.



Kind Regards,



Hi. I thas been 2 months now since this problem has surged. @Wirex I understand that it might be difficult to find an new provider. But how long is it going to take? I kinda need these cards. Thanks! :slight_smile:

PS: I am not in any way complaining with you guys I totally understand what you guys have to go through. I’m just asking.
Keep up the good work @Wirex!! :+1: :+1:


Thansk for this statement.

Could you give us fresh news. Some progress… I’d really like to have a plastic card from you to do some cash withdrawal at the ATM there.


We will hopefully be releasing some more news live today on the YouTube feed, during Wirex Charts and trades. So please check us out and we can answer your questions live.



Almost 2 months later. Still nothing done. I imagine this new roll out is going to be just as problematic and headache filled as the last 2. Judging by the no reply for 2 months, its also safe to say that the customer support is going to retain the #1 spot for the worst Customer Service Ever Title. Not getting my hopes up for anything these guys are hyping. Prepare yourselves for disappointment.

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