Customer Service

What does Wirex need at the moment?

Definetly a brand new made customer service which has to include either live chat or a phone line for the user to have contact with the company regarding their accounts in real time.

Definetly look at trust pilot and every review place, this goes down just because of how not efficient a part of some relevant teams are.

Besides that the live support or help increases by a lot the way the people feel about getting in touch with their own bank. I don’t think anyone wants that their localbank to be contacted by email and get a reply the next day.

So that’s my suggestion.

The feedback is that it’s terrible the way it goes now… It just doesn’t go anywhere; my personal feedback is 2 out of 5 stars for the support. It’s not 1 because they at least reply.

Cheers :wink: HODL

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