DAI Exchange has been blocked again without warning!

this is now the 2nd time that Wirex blocked DAI exchange without any upfront warning.

Last time the exchange of DAI was blocked for more then 2 months.

Support should announce it upfront then will disable the EXCHANGE button again for DAI.

Transfer costs of DAI are 15$ in and 15$ out.
so any transfer of DAI that is blocked in Wirex cost you 30$ because Wirex does not announce it upfront.
That is not serious of an crypto exchange to just without warning block the exchange of any token/crypto without sending clients a warning email.

This habit of them tells me also they could from one day to another day totally block any transfer out for “maintenance reasons without upfront warning”.

I really do not understand why this secrecy about an upcoming exchange blocking.

then I try to sent BTC and the exchange difference was 2,2% + a 1,5% exchange fee. so in total it cost 3,7% to exchange BTC to EUR. (I compared real time prices Wirex showed me with Binance real time online prices) .

Hello there @W-crypto , I’m truly sorry for the experience. You can subscribe to our status page to receive the most updated status

Any question, please let me know. Thank you

I also made a big dai transfer in the weekend. Says it is still pending. Are my funds gone?

Hi @skv47 ,
Be prepared to say goodby to your money.
I transferred DAI from the external wallet to my wirex DAI account on 31 of July. The transaction was successfully confirmed in the system, but wirex has not credited funds to my account.
So now it’s more than 10 days since I made the transaction, but the only answer I get from support is that my case is being investigated. To my question, when I can expect my money, their answer is we will inform you ASAP.

@Victoria i transferred dai from Wirex to another exchange. Will that make a difference? They should have disabled the option to send funds. Not happy at all

Hello there! Thanks for informing on the matter. I would like to point out that the relevant department had already acknowledged the case.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused!

As soon as there is an update, all the information will be posted on the following link: https://status.wirexapp.com/


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@Anastasiia_Wirex transfer just went through, thank you! @Victoria

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