De-centralized memes; melt financial debt machines!


Please Please Pleaseeeeee; use this thread to post your dankest Cyrpto based memes!

I’ll start you guys off; with some I’ve made and some I’ve found. If you guy’s know who to credit the meme too; let me know on this thread!










Hahhaha LOL!
Can’t breath XD


Not exactly related to decentralized memes but still has some relevancy to crypto


Apparently he’s Satoshi Nakamoto :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I saw. I think he lost his mind during their ‘annual’ ceremony and after the downfall it was completely gone. I think in his mind he believes that he is still making a killing from Bitconnect and that he isn’t going to jail for profiting from a ponzi scheme.
Who does that remind me of? :thinking:
Totally not Trevon and the other morons that think if you’re using a VPN you can bypass laws and C&Ds.


It’s pretty ridiculous to be honest. Really and truly it’s pretty entertaining. Like I don’t even need to watch TV.



The crypto community replaced for a lot of us all the tv drama series.

Since bitconnect and other copycats like davorcoin and so on all you can see are people split in two groups which are swearing up and down that they are right and all others are wrong. The worst thing is neither of the group is right.

Like bitconnect is and was a scam from the begining but you could still ride the hype train and turn a few bucks without getting scammed.

Now that I have made this comment one side is going to say that i like to profit by using other people as bishops which is completely false while the other side will say that bitconnect/w/e is not a scam and that I am dumb.

This community has been turning slowly into something like politics, you can’t be on the fence, you have to choose the ground that you’re standing.


When you’re trying to buy that $400 Gox Bitcoin :yum: