Declined payment to be refunded

Kind reminder. 29days passed. No money.
pay today!

Dear @Matic_Skok, unfortunately, such requests cannot be handled by the support team directly. We have escalated your request to the highest priority to speed up the process. Our agent will contact you when the funds will be returned to your account. Have a great day!

Hi Yuliia. Sorry but I don’t buy this anymore. Its been 3 weeks since I have started sending repeat messages. Even if the process is manual, its should have been solved by now…

Today marks exactly 1 month since refund was made from PayPal’s side. I provided ARN numbers and everything.

Give me my money back today!

Dear @Matic_Skok, Unfortunately, there is no update on your case so far. We are sorry for the time it is taking to resolve the matter and for the inconvenience caused by the situation. As soon as we have more details from the department in charge, we will let you know at once.

Thank you for your understanding.

I need my money back! Ticket number 796230
I sent $600 nzd in total to top up my wirex wallet and 3 of the payments are still pending. You then manually reprocessed the payment meaning you have taken the money from my bank twice The money has been taken from my bank account twice and you have only put it in my wallet once. I NEED MY MONEY BACK ASAP its $1200 nzd you have taken and only recieved once. I have my bank investigating the payment and if I dont get my money back in at least one month I will have my lawyer get in contact too. Please resolve thank you

Hello @Elijah_Craies, please accept our apologies for this unpleasant situation. We have forwarded your case to the Support team and you will be updated at the nearest time. Regards!

Is there an issue with Wirex? I have tried to add money to my account this morning, however it keeps getting declined.

My ticket 998635

i do not send my WXT. WHY

mee too

Is there an issue with Wirex? I have tried to add money to my account this morning, however it keeps getting declined. I want to buy loads of Wirex Token during the fee free weekend

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may i ask what you used fot adding funds mam?

blockchain wallet. It is kucoin

my tiket 998416

Hi @nguyen_ixx! We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please, check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

This happend to me as well, ive waited 3 weeks for 2 payments to be refunded, i talk to wirex every day and just get rude answers like
“we will get back to you”

This is basic function and for every other similiar site to this it take 1-3 to get refunded on card, 3-4 weeks and you have to beg and spam? Wtf is going on Wirex, step up already, this is a shame!

So i have the same problem ,i cant send funds to different adress and get this shady answer.

So its fine they cant accept any transfer, whatever. But they cant tell me why? How the hell cant they telll my why this adress is blocked? The fun part the adress is not even shady at all, its a fucking bitpanda adress i cant send to, but they cant tell me why? Really really shady?

Hello Harri,

Thank you for the reply.

Sorry about this! We understand failed withdrawals can be really frustrating.

As a regulated entity, we are obliged to review all transactions and are sometimes unable to process transfers to certain wallets due to applicable legislation. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any additional information about this at this time. That’s why we would therefore advise that you find an alternative way to make this specific payment.

Hello @Harri, as was mentioned in the email, we are unable to process transfers to certain wallets due to applicable legislation. Also, we kindly ask you to avoid using any offensive language on the Community forum. We are really sorry that you had such an impression, but rest assured, our Support team is always doing everything possible to help with any issues. Regards!

Hello @Yuliia_Wirex

Dosent make sense, there is no reason for a few adress that are blocked.

Also where is the rest of my money? And no support dont do anything for me, you are the first person that talked with me with respect and actually helped me yesterday, that im greatful for. But this company is still a scam atm.

@Harri, unfortunately, I cannot advise on this matter here, however, our Support agent will reply to your message at the nearest time. We hope that this situation will be solved at soonest.