DeFi the norm: Wirex Token joins Ethereum blockchain

Forget about treading water – at Wirex, we prefer to ride the crest of the wave. We’ve been the vanguard of the mission to bring decentralised digital currency to the masses for more than half a decade; in that time, we’ve broken down barriers and made it easier than ever for people to use their crypto in real life.

Standing still simply isn’t an option. Which is why we’re obsessed with two things: innovating - and sharing those innovations with as many people as possible. We created the first debit card that allows holders to spend crypto in the real world, as well as the world’s first cryptocurrency rewards programme – not to mention becoming the first crypto-friendly company to achieve principal membership of both Mastercard and Visa.

But you already know all that. So, without further ado, we’re delighted to reveal our latest mission – bringing the benefits of Decentralised Finance, or DeFi to the masses. On 06/05/21, we’re migrating 20% of the total supply of Wirex Tokens - 2 billion WXT - from the Stellar Network to the Ethereum blockchain, making WXT our first multi-blockchain cryptocurrency. Why? We firmly believe in the potential for DeFi to change the way people think about and use money – making WXT available on the most popular and powerful blockchain for DeFi applications is a no-brainer.

Here’s CEO Pavel Matveev to explain further:

"Wirex without innovation isn’t an option. We’ve always believed in DeFi as a movement, and our role is to make that movement tangible, safe and accessible for our customers to use in real life. Listing a percentage of our WXT token on the Ethereum network will allow additional innovations for our customers.”

Put simply, splitting WXT between the Ethereum blockchain and Stellar Network gives our customers increased power, efficiency and flexibility - not to mention opening the door to a whole world of decentralised apps (Dapps) for millions of people who might not otherwise be able to benefit from DeFi. Our partnership with Stellar – famous for being the go-to network for super-powered cross-border payments - helped us bring low-cost, near-instant payments to the mainstream. However, we know that blockchain tech has much broader applications than just payments, which is why it’s time to do the same for DeFi. And it’s just the beginning - migrating WXT will also allow users to get even more out of the Wirex platform:

“This is just a part of our wider commitment to the DeFi movement; our new X-Accounts feature will enable passive income from crypto, and other Defi features are set to be developed through 2021. As a crypto-friendly business we don’t advocate any one platform or currency, rather the ability to choose the best financial products that match the needs of our customers.’’

And we’re as good as our word - the new X-Accounts functionality will soon be joined by a raft of new cryptocurrencies, giving Wirex customers more flexibility than ever before. The future is bright, and one thing is for certain – Wirex will continue to DeFi the status quo!

Ethereum-based WXT is undergoing final testing and will be available to use in the Wirex app a few days after migration. WXT (Ethereum-based) are currently only available to buy on the following exchange:

Buy now on 1inch


1inch is a DEX aggregator that works out the best crypto prices across decentralised exchanges, and reroutes trades between them.

You can also buy WXT (Stellar-based) on the following exchanges now:


Wirex Ethereum smart contract address:

-WirexToken | 0xa02120696c7B8fE16C09C749E4598819b2B0E915

Wirex Stellar asset address:

-StellarExpert | Stellar XLM block explorer and analytics platform.

For full FAQs please see here


It all sounds great but WHY canät I use a fully valid BTC-address to send BTC to from Wirex?

Wanted to send to it today to buy a cryptocurrency that you do not support and put on a private wallet.

But for some odd reason you tell me I canät send to that address because it is invalid, but it is not?



Hey there @thebiscuit Can you tell me what country you’re in and if you have created a support ticket for this? Thank you

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I am in Sweden.

I have not since support these days take ages and I wanted to solve this now since it is very strange to me?

Wxt joins Etherum network.

But, we have no way to transfer our wxt token from the app or online. so what’s the point of it ?

We still stuck on stellar network, when are we going to be able to move out WXT to an etherium wallet ?

Another badly planned upgrade I take ?

Hi there @thebiscuit , I’m sorry that you are experiencing this delay. If you would like it to be escalated please remember to send your support ticket reference number to the email

That is our dedicated team for fast-tracking issues. Thank you

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您好 @youthful ,對於您遇到的問題我深感抱歉。請問您是否向客服聯繫並填寫詢問單(support ticket)了嗎?如有任何問題請不吝詢問指教 :slight_smile:

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Can you help me if my account is frozen? My Mailbox

Hello @youthful,

I suggest that you open a ticket if you have not done so.

Once you do, post the ticket number on the forum and hopefully one of the moderators will be able to flag your ticket promptly and pass it on to their technical department.

PS. I recommend you to edit your post and erase your email :incoming_envelope: address from the forum (only post it on the ticket) since spammers will take notice and will start send you unsolicited emails in order to get your personal information to ultimately take your funds from you.

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您好 @youthful ,請問您是否向客服聯繫並填寫詢問單(support ticket)了嗎?如果您已填寫過,還請您將信中的號碼 (ticket reference number)傳給我。我再幫您詢問,謝謝。

另外,建議還請您不要在公開平台分享您的私人信箱,如果您需要協助,您可以點擊我的頭貼私訊我 :slight_smile: