Delays of Wirex ADV

1)Mastercard: ‘Pavel said’ we will launching at December 2020 launched at 03/2021
2)Live chat: ‘Pavel said’ we will launching at February 2021 not yet launched
3)Iban/sepa: ‘Pavel said’ we close your iban and in few weeks we give you new never received new iban in 6 month
4)Wirex users transfer: disappeared with no sense until now
5) USA launch: ‘Pavel said’ we will launch in April 2021 any information about it
6) x-account: ‘Pavel said’ we will launch 05/2021 and nothing happen
7)promotion will be paid in 30 days if they don’t loose information about it
8)transfer/depositing/exchange 50/50 failed
9)Temporary UK activity suspension that appear to be permanent
10)Free wxt to all to down wxt price

Live chat available in Europe. Absolutely no issues here in APAC

Hi there @Oleg_Levchuk Firstly, thank you for your input on our forum. It’s very much appreciated. In regards to your points above, I understand that it’s frustrating to have certain delays. I will try to answer these to the best of my abilities:

  1. Like with all companies there will be times when certain functionalities, promotions, features will be delayed. There are many factors that goes into launching a certain functionality and sometimes there may be delays. In regards to Mastercard we did launch this and all those in EEA countries are able to order one.
  2. Live chat feature should be available for you within the app. Please can you remind me what country you are in?
  3. We are working on this currently. Something of this scale has taken longer to launch but this will be available again. As soon as I have dates I will let everyone know here in the community.
  4. If you have experienced transfer issues, please can you send me a support ticket for this?
  5. We are working on this. The USA is a big market, and each State has it’s own rules and regulations, therefore, we are making sure everything is done right.
  6. X-accounts will be launching sooner than you think.
  7. All promotions are paid out within 30 ‘working days’, that means only factor in Mon-Fri when counting. To date all promotions have been paid within that time period.
  8. If you are experiencing this, please share the support ticket reference number with me and I will flag it for you with the team,
  9. Unfortunately this will take some time. We are working with the FCA to make sure all is being done. But please know that this is a governmental body and they oversee many different companies, which means that times will vary. Please rest assured we are up to date and awaiting feedback.
  10. I’m not quite sure what you mean with this one. Is it possible for you to explain it a bit more?

Hope the above helps.
Thank you and all the best.

Wirex said that total circulating supply was 2mld on stellar and 2mld on eth.
Yesterday circulating supply was changed to 4.200.500.000. You know what is this extra 200million token in circulation in downtrend? Free exit of WXT?

Hi @Oleg_Levchuk WXT tokens are released into the circulating supply each month. This is stated in our Whitepaper. Thank you

It also stated that there are a mechanism that protect holders from deflationary movement of price. What about this?