Did you get them all? Answers to our spot the difference game!

Last week, we released a spot the difference game which asked you to spot 5 differences between two Facebook posts. The purpose of this game was for you to determine which post was from our official page, and which one was a scam.

If you haven’t played yet, click here before you read the answers. No cheating now!

Spot the difference answers

  1. The blue tick – Wirex’s official Facebook page has a blue tick next to our name. This shows that we are officially verified. This tick is also visible when we respond to comments. So, if someone reaches out to you claiming to be Wirex without the tick, it’s fake.

  2. The follower count – Check the follower count of a page. If you know the company has thousands of customers, then it doesn’t make much sense for them to only have a handful of Facebook followers.

  3. The about section – Our official page gives you information about Wirex (e.g. contact information, website, etc). If a page doesn’t have this information, then it is likely to be fake. However, a fake page may also use an official website link on its about section. If you see this, remember to look out for other factors.

  4. Transparency section – When was the page created? For instance, if a company has been around for several years but its Facebook page is only a year old, then something doesn’t add up.

  5. The page content – What is the page posting? If you look around and only see giveaways and profiles of competition “winners”, then it is a fake page. We will never share profile pictures of our customers, nor we will create competitions that require you to click on an unknown link to provide personal details.

So, there you have it. If you come across an alleged competition from Wirex on your Facebook feed, please remember these points.

Also, do not interact with a fake page that:

  • Has no blue tick

  • Has little-to-no following

  • Doesn’t have adequate information (a link to our official website doesn’t automatically make it legit)

  • Only posts giveaways and “competition winner” profiles

If a fake Wirex page tries to reach out to you, block it immediately and report it if you can. Your safety and security are important to us. So, it is vital that you keep these points in mind to avoid being targeted by fraudsters.