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With the power to seamlessly swap currencies, skip on fees and rake in rewards - you probably don’t need any more reasons to get yourself a Wirex Mastercard.

But we’ve got another one for you anyway.

The Wirex Mastercard is your key to unlocking tonnes of exclusive offers on all of your favourite brands. From FARFETCH to zavvi - simply checkout with your Wirex card to redeem all the deals and discounts you could wish for.

There’s something for everybody.

So, what’s on offer?


Need a new look? Shop on with your Wirex Mastercard and get 10% off until December 31st 2021! Simply make sure to spend a minimum of GBP £300.

Plus, get free delivery with the code MASTERFS!


If fashion’s your thing, you’ll love this one. Get 15% off when you checkout with your Wirex Mastercard - with no minimum spend! The offer can be redeemed up to five times per customer.


Want one of those? Get 15% off on with no minimum spend. Just pay with your Wirex Mastercard and enter the code IWMC15 at checkout!


Snap up your favourite brands on and get 15% off sitewide! There’s no minimum spend - all you’ve got to do is use your Wirex Mastercard and enter the code MCHT to redeem.


If you’re a bit low on beauty products, don’t worry - here’s 20% off on - with no minimum spend! Pay with your Wirex Mastercard and enter LFMASTER21 at checkout.


Calling all men - you’re in for a treat. Get 20% off on with no minimum spend! Checkout with your Wirex Mastercard and enter MKMASTER21 - get ready to look and feel great.


Trainers, boots, heels - AllSole has got them all. Get 15% off your new shoes with no minimum spend, with the code ASMASTER15. Just head over to with your Wirex Mastercard at the ready.


This one’s for all those who love a bit of pop culture. Get 10% off with no minimum spend! Checkout with your Wirex Mastercard and enter ZAVMC10 to redeem.


You can check out our website for the full offers, as well.

And that’s not all!

We’re giving four lucky Wirexers £250 in WXT just for ordering their Wirex Mastercard! If you’ve already ordered it - don’t worry, you’re already in the running.

Is that enough to persuade you?


*Subject to Terms and Conditions, below.

Terms & Conditions
WXT Welcome Giveaway
1. The title of the promotion is WXT Welcome Giveaway (the “Promotion”).
2. The Promotion is promoted and administered by Wirex Limited (“Wirex”, “we”, “us”).
3. The Promotion begins 9:30AM GMT (UK time) on Tuesday 30 March 2021 and ends at 23:59PM GMT (UK time) on Tuesday 06 April 2021 (the “Promotion Duration”).
4. This Promotion is launched by Wirex independently. There are no partnerships between Wirex and any merchant.
5. The Promotion applies to the Wirex Mastercard only. Ordering any other card though the Wirex app will not qualify as eligible under this Promotion.
6. To be eligible to win the Promotion Reward, you must order a Wirex Mastercard through your Wirex app within the Promotion Duration.
7. You can also be eligible to win the Promotion Reward if you have pre-ordered a Wirex Mastercard before this Promotion was announced and prior to the launch of the Promotion.
8. The Promotion applies to the Wirex Mastercard only. Ordering any other card though the Wirex app will not qualify as eligible under this Promotion.
9. The Promotion is open to verified Wirex account holders residing in the United Kingdom only.
10. By opening an account with Wirex accept our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (the “Terms”). Do not participate in this Promotion if you do not wish to be bound by these Terms.
11. Under this Promotion the verified Wirex account holder who has ordered the Wirex Mastercard within the Promotion Duration (“you”) is eligible to win the promotion reward (the “Promotion Reward”)
12. Each Wirex verified account holder can only enter the Promotion once.
13. There is no additional cost, fee or purchase associated with entering this Promotion. The Wirex Mastercard order should be placed within the ordinary course of business, there is no deviation from the regular card order and delivery process as part of this Promotion.
The Promotion Reward:
14. The Promotion Reward consists of the equivalent of £250 in WXT per each winner. The quantity of WXT will be determined by the applicable exchange rate at the time of award. Wirex will not entertain or engage in any complaints or disputes relating to the quantity of WXT awarded to the Winners of this Promotion resulting from any exchange rate variations.
15. Out of all entries, 4 winners will be chosen at random (the “Winners”)
16. Only 4 Winners will be awarded the Promotion Reward.
17. The Promotion Reward will only be awarded in WXT.
18. The Promotion Reward will be credited to the Winners’ WXT account with Wirex within 15-28 working days after the Promotion Duration at Wirex’s discretion.
19. Once the Winners receive the Promotion Reward, this can be converted to traditional currency through the Wirex app at any point in time at your discretion.
20. Winners will receive an email from Wirex once we have credited the Promotion Reward to their account.
21. We reserve the right to announce all Winners on the Wirex Community Forum and/or any social media channels. Please do not enter this Promotion if you do not want to be mentioned on our social media channels. If you have pre-ordered the Wirex Mastercard but do not wish to enter this Promotion contact Wirex at [].
22. Wirex has the sole discretion to modify the Terms of this Promotion or terminate this Promotion at any time without notice.
23. We reserve the right not to pay out any Promotion Rewards in the following, but not limited to, circumstances below:
a. We are prohibited by the applicable law;
b. We are unable to verify your identity in accordance with our Terms;
c. We are unable to verify that your card order qualifies as eligible under the Promotion;
d. We reasonably suspect that the Wirex account has been created fraudulently or otherwise in breach of our General Terms of Service;
e. You have breached any provision in these Promotion Terms or our General Terms of Service;
f. You have multiple Wirex Profiles.
24. The decision in all matters relating to the Promotion is final and binding, and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.
25. Wirex reserves the right to recover any payments made to the Winners.
26. The Promotion will be governed by English law. The English courts exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from or related to the Promotion.