Discover the new DeFi lending protocol, Nereus!

We hope you’re feeling Metaverse ready. Brand-new DeFi lending protocol Nereus is now live!

Nereus is the people’s DeFi platform - a decentralised, non-custodial liquidity market protocol for depositing, borrowing, staking and lending. Built to make DeFi more accessible for everybody, Nereus focuses on democratic governance and cross-chain compatibility to usher in a new era of convenience, flexibility and oversight.

Being one of the first Metaverse-ready DeFi 2.0 projects to hit the market, we naturally wanted a piece of the action. That’s why we decided to invest an enormous 5 billion WXT in it!

It’s a good match. Using WXT as liquidity for the protocol benefits both Wirex Token holders and Nereus users, who get access to a currency already held by millions of people around the world.

Disclaimer: Nereus is a partner of Wirex’s. It was not created by Wirex, nor is it a part of the Wirex ecosystem.

How does Nereus work?

Nereus offers the opportunity to earn WXT rewards in return for providing liquidity to the protocol.

There are two ways to earn a passive income through Nereus: by staking or locking WXT. By staking WXT, users earn platform fees - 50% of all revenue generated through lending on the protocol. By locking WXT, users earn both platform fees and penalty fees - fees paid by users who claim their rewards within three months, instead of opting for a three-month lock-up.

For more info, check out the Nereus whitepaper

Want to earn more than 100,000,000,000% APR on deposited or borrowed funds?

Time is running out, but don’t worry – earning with Nereus is quick and simple.

  • Connect your Wirex Wallet to Nereus via Wallet Connect

  • Deposit or borrow from Nereus protocol

  • Earn a 100,000,000,000+ % yield on your deposited/borrowed funds

Want to connect your Wirex Wallet?

Connect to Nereus with your Wirex Wallet via Wallet Connect

  • In your Wirex Wallet, click Actions and then Wallet Connect

  • Click Connect Now

  • Scan the QR code on the Nereus desktop

  • Your Wirex Wallet is now connected to Nereus - you’re ready to deposit your funds and start earning

Insane rates like this will not last for long. Don’t miss out!

How to get started

Ready to embark on your Nereus journey? Find out how to get started here.

If you fancy being a part of an ever-growing community of DeFi enthusiasts, join the Nereus discord channel today!

Join Nereus discord channel >

Discover the Wirex Wallet

The Wirex Wallet offers super-secure, non-custodial crypto storage, multi-blockchain compatibility and direct access to DeFi-powered earning.

It couldn’t be easier to get it up and running - check out our handy step-by-step guide and download the app today.

How to send WXT to Nereus

Send WXT from Wirex to Nereus in three simple steps.

  1. Open your Wirex Wallet and choose either Ethereum-based or Avalanche-based WXT. Tap Receive to copy the relevant wallet address.
  2. Open your Wirex app and go to X-tras . Tap Send and paste the wallet address to transfer WXT into your Wirex Wallet.
  3. Open Nereus and follow this guide to connect your Wirex Wallet and add WXT.

You’re all ready to start using Nereus!

Open on Google Play >

Open on Apple Store >

*Please note when setting up and using the Wirex Wallet, you will be prompted to check and accept the User Agreement & Privacy Policy. These may differ from the conditions you have already accepted from your existing Wirex account. To view the Wirex Wallet Terms, please visit: Wirex Wallet | Terms and Conditions


started playing with it more out of curiousity than anything else, but boy, those rewards are accumulating so fast! :moneybag:


Hello, how did you transfer the funds? By the wirex App? And to save the network fees from wirex wallet to wirex App avalanche network cheaper than eth? How long does it take to move the funds? Thanks!

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depends on what funds. If you are talking AVAX or WXT on Avalanche - it’s pretty straightforward, just do a usual blockchain transfer from Wirex App to Wirex Wallet (or any other non-custodial wallet, really - Metamask, etc). Transactions on Avalanche are very fast (a few seconds) and cheap (typically under a dollar for a simple transfer).

If you want/need to get more creative, such as start earning yield on your BTC or ETH, or USDC on Nereus, that’s a bit of a journey, but also possible.

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Ok, thanks for the tip, I’m just checking the Apr seems to be 25% both for locked deposit? Where is the difference? How to get higher rewards?

Well I got it and been able to connect despite of few cc chain fees it seems working fine. As I’m not used to manage non custodial wallets I struggled a little bit. By the way you need a little amount of Avax on the wirex wallet to pay the fees to send your WXT to Nereus (or back to wirex wallet) once connected…now I’ checking whether to stake or Lock, how was your experience with that?

seems like you’re getting yourself into the rabbit hole - careful, it may get addictive! :slight_smile:

Here are some resources that will explain everything better than I could:

And the forum from Nereus themselves, where all your questions will be answered faster and better than here:


Thx for your help! :ok_hand: