Discussion time - What first attracted you to cryptocurrency and what was your first ever crypto buy?

Everyone has a crypto origins story and it’s always an interesting one to hear. Therefore we thought why not throw this question your way…

What first attracted you to cryptocurrency and what was your first ever crypto buy?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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Congratulations! :tada:


for me is LIBERTY.


Bit coin :slight_smile:


Total financial freedom. A pity not to have started earlier. BTC


My friend got me into XRP, now i live and breathe crypto and trading


I got told about Lionshares and thought I would try it, I got recommended to try Wirex so I could spend my money, put money in and tried it at the shop nervously payed for my food! But it accepted!! Haha now I’m learning all about investing in cryptocurrency!

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For me it’s simplicity and my wirex card is very simple to use :slight_smile:
and my firt crypto buy was food :slight_smile:


Bitcoin. Back when it started. Had 14 in a wallet on a drive. Lost all due too drive failure.

That’s life! :wink:

In the beggining of the pandemic situation my couple showed a different way to out my money to work, cryptocurrencies. I first bought was ETH.


Wirex the best card in the Crypto world

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My first time in crypto was during the Covid19, I had interested and I studied the crypto world. Finally I decided to buy I little part of Bitcoin

Hi! Wirex is the best. Thanks

It was bitcoin because I needed to pay something which I could only but with BTC. BTC was 200 dollar that time and I spend 800 dollar would rather had those bitcoins now…

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I started in 2017, didn’t know much about it but started to invest a little bit. I have learned a lot since then.
What attracted me to crypto was Freedom!

BTC for me never looked back!!

I started investing in btc in 2016. It was the best choice of my life

Best service, work very quickly, and the possibility to earn money. And very interesting btc change

(1) The possibility to be free from traditional banks

(2) CRO

I bought my first Bitcoin for 2.80 Euro.

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