[discussion] Will children born today ever use paper money? 🤔

What is paper currency’s place in the Digital Age?

Paper currency will always have its place in the world of currency in the foreseeable future. Small businesses most often prefer cash than digital payments due to costs reasons. Businesses like these always offer a better price for products they are selling if paid in cash.

Likewise, some people prefer keeping their cash on hand, rather than in a bank that charges monthly account fees if they fail to meet the minimum average daily balance sum monthly. Some people prefer spending in cash due to privacy reasons as well.

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But all what you just listed is fixed by crypto ? So I believe in a non Fiat cash future. even a place where visa cards will be less used. Because wee will just be transferring from one wallet to another, we need no middle man to do that. so why should we pay and trust a middleman when we do not need to anymore.

I have no idea what the future will look like. I am no expert in Cryptocurrency, but Cryptocurrency also do have “middleman charges” no? Blockchain fees when paying via Bitcoin is as good as having Visa / Mastercard fees.

Ich glaube ohne Bargeld geht es noch lange nicht!
Vor ein paar Tagen wieder mal bewusst dass ich ohne Bargeld echt aufgeschmissen wäre das Kontaktlose bezahlen an der supermarktkasse hat wiedermal nicht funktioniert trotz Guthaben auf meinen Konto mit der wirexKarte ist mir das lustiger weiße noch nie passiert aber mit der normalen bankomat Karte andauernd​:kissing_heart::sunglasses:

Not true here in Sweden. It’s more common to not accept cash, even for small businesses.
I haven’t used cash for many years

I am sure they will study about FIAT money at school in their time :sweat_smile: :nerd_face:

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