Diversification is key

Ask any experienced crypto HODLer the tricks of the trade and they’ll most likely tell you one thing: diversification is key.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a solid strategy if the outcome is a sure thing, but as we all know, in the world of crypto they are anything but.

In such a volatile market, holding only one crypto might be considered risky. So what you need is one handy place where you can buy and store any amount of whichever tokens take your fancy.

Enter Wirex. In your Wirex app, you have a wide range of crypto available at the touch of a button. Within seconds, you can buy or exchange 9 different cryptocurrencies and store them in secure, cold-storage accounts.

But it’s worth doing your research. Experts in the field often advise holding a combination of altcoins and stablecoins to balance out and minimise risk. Remember that the value of many major altcoins can correlate to that of bitcoin.

Stablecoins, on the other hand, minimise price volatility through various means and can offer crypto enthusiasts some much needed peace of mind.

One of our cryptocurrencies on offer at Wirex, the Dai token (DAI), is a great example. With a steady value of one US Dollar, DAI is a stablecoin that offers similar market stability to traditional currency.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of options for you at Wirex - and all in one convenient app.

It is of course up to you how you shape your crypto portfolio - there is no right or wrong method. But make sure to read up on whichever you choose to buy first, as there’s an element of risk attached to any crypto dealings.

Good luck and happy Wirexing!


I’ve made lots of money with crypto using Wirex. Right now I have invested in 4 different types of including WXT. When can I buy stablecoins?

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Hey there, thanks for stopping by! In regards to stablecoins you should take a look at DAI. We’ve done a little profile on it HERE. Check it out!