Do not understand how to not loose money by DUO

You have the risk of price differences between 2 crypotcurrencies and you get max. 0,4% interest for this (296%/365*0,5 by locking for 12 hours for example) I can not see how one can make profit by this conditions

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Remember…ALL exchanges make money from trading and you or I losing money trading.

Time in the market is always better than timing the market!

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Yes but there is a risk that the coins loose in price. But no chance that they grow in the same way. So you can loose 2 % if price for coin goes down but not win 2 % because you get a different coin in this case. And 2 % for one day is higher than the interest

Read your first post…and then read my response to it…slooowly.
You absolutely understand the risk, but you’re complaining about the risk you do or don’t take!?!
Come on, man…
I’m 5hrs too late on the USDT/SNX pair…it’s a guaranteed loss right now…I KNEW THE RISK.

My next decision is… Do I spend more time in the market to see if SNX price go back up…or do I accept my loss…and swap back to USDT before the SNX value drops more :thinking:
That all depends on whether or not I need that $ or how long I expect it to take for SNX to go back up.

One thing for sure…I won’t be playing DUO until the dump is finished.


yes please proceed with cautious :slight_smile: