Documents check takes more then 24 hours


Please can you make it a priority ?

Thank you


Yesterday 20/04/22 around 16.30 Italy time, while I access the app, a questionnaire to fill out appears, asking for your annual income and the origin of the funds, as soon as it is completed it gives me access to the app but a “Verification” tab and while chatting with an agent to understand what was happening, I received an email from where I was asked for an address verification document that I immediately provided by taking pictures of my March telephone line bill 2022. Shortly after the app no ​​longer allowed me to view the balance but only the verification page appeared where it was said that it could take from 20 minutes up to 24h. To date, more than 24H have passed, no response, I have an account with 15 million WXT 80k € in X-account and 16k € in Fiat euros. I attach the screens! I state that I have been a customer since 2018 and Wirex blocked my account in September 2021 until February 2022 with € 275k asking me for any kind of documentation! I even had to consult and pay a lawyer who worked in Lithuania! At the end in mid-February 2022 I regain access and decide to continue to believe in Wirex, but after less than 2 months it is absurd that Wirex asks me for a proof of address that it already has! And above all it prevents me from logging into the account! I have an absolute urgency to regain access! I have 15MLN in WXT and if the price fluctuates I will lose a lot of money!

Ticket Number: 1460913

PS: Anyone who has the same problem write to me privately that I have created a group to stay in touch.

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Yesterday I had the same request, I provided the same papers and the questionnaire, after he asked for the photo of my main wallet of my funds, and I am still waiting for verification

On the same boat, complied providing the requested documents within 15mins, still no update and the account is still blocked.

where are the admins? no answer, surely still sorry for the situation !!!

I want an admin to take care of it now.
I have submitted all documents, I need access to my account!
That can’t be, you can’t just block my money without giving any reason.
Ticket :1476394
Finally take care and represent them Wirex, we live in the year 2022, something like that doesn’t work at all !!
I will take legal action if I can’t access my account today


Any news? @Yuliia_Wirex

So far, I don’t got mail from your “verification team”

Ticket #1467843

Any news? @Yuliia_Wirex

Ticket :1476394

do you have an update for me ( ticket #1474638 )
I have submitted all the required documents!
I need the money fast!

To all those who on 20/04/2022 had their account suspended with considerable sums, and the request to fill out the questionnaire and to send the proof of address, you can write me privately that we have created a group to organize ourselves on how to move if Wirex does not resolve quickly. I repeat ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM DESCRIBED AND WHO HAVE CONSIDERABLE SUMS BLOCKED! Do not write to me for different problems. Below the screens. I have + 200k € blocked.

Hi there @pac I have flagged the above with the support team. They will resolve this for you. You will get an email directly from the support team.
Thank you

@Vibas please can you remove the screenshots from your post above for your own security. This is a public forum. Thank you (please see other post as well which I’ve commented on.)

I have no problem keeping screenshots, I am very transparent and I want users to really see that you are doing badly and creating discomfort for users who hold large sums of money. Solve my case, don’t worry about screenshots, and I’ll confirm everything is ok!

Can you please also see that my request is handled promptly?
Request ID is 1469593


I have the same problème they freeze my account without reason with more 100k and refuse document to unfreeze my account . I filed 2 complaints with English regulators and my lawyer took up the case. 2 years since I used the account and as soon as they saw a nice sum they blocked everything. For an English bank I am shocked by their thief method.


hello, can you speed up, because my account has been in verification since Thursday
he ticket ID is 1478610.

I have exactly the same problem.

Good day I never wanted to contact you here, because I have been part of wirex since 2019 by joining the ieo and then in 2020 I participated in the sale of shares on crowdcube becoming also a crowdfunding investor.

Having said that, on April 21st I received an email from wirex support asking me to send them a document confirming the residential address and I sent the bank statement that same day. To date, after 3 days of waiting, I have no news about it.

I know it’s Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday and surely more days will pass to get the result but it’s just a matter of comparing the data, reading the sender and comparing the residence.

Taking such a simple control too long would become very complicated because it calls for accumulating requests after requests.

Can any of you kindly solve my case?

Ticket ID 1472063

I have sent this over to the support team for you now. They will contact you directly. Thank you.

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