Double your Cryptoback™ rewards!

Imagine how great it would be to earn twice the bitcoin rewards throughout September, every time you pay with your Wirex card in-store. Well you’re in luck - all you have to do is get your friends involved and we’ll double your Cryptoback™ rewards for a month!

We already reward you for referring your loved ones to Wirex, but now we’re really spoiling you. Simply refer 5 or more friends in the next 3 days to benefit from this exclusive offer - you’d better start scrolling through your contacts now.

Check out the T&Cs below and start spreading the word!


  • The promotion is open to verified Wirex cardholders only.
  • Campaign start period: 24/08/2020, 10:00AM GMT+8 and closes on 27/08/2020 10:00AM GM7+8
  • To be entitled to receive double Cryptoback™ rewards (double the current user benefit amount) for 30 days, users must successfully refer 5 or more friends with our RAF scheme within the campaign period.
  • A successful referral means users must invite friends/colleagues/family/anyone to use their unique referral link and sign up to Wirex within the promotion time frame. The referrals do not need to be verified to be eligible - they must simply use the referee’s unique link to create a Wirex account.
  • Users who meet the above criteria will automatically get double Cryptoback™ rewards activated on their account during the following time frame only: start on 01/09/2020, 00:00 AM GMT+8 and ends on 30/09/2020 11:59PM GM7+8
  • Any referral made after the closing date will not be counted.
  • Wirex has the sole discretion to modify this promotion at any time.
  • The double Cryptoback™ rewards amount users will receive, strictly depends on the user existing Cryptoback™ rewards benefits (0,5% → 1%, 0,75% →1,5%, 1% → 2%; 1,5% → 3%)
  • If fulfilment of the promotion criteria is met, users will be informed about the activation of the Double Cryptoback™ rewards within 7 days from the activation.